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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 12:15

How many of mus-Der President , Victims and Tell Activity

How many of mus-Der President , Victims and Tell Activity
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Dilendirmez Muslim Society, 2014 to inform the victim about the organization found .

Bayburt news: This year, the society performs slaughter abroad ; Africa, the Sudan, the Asian continent Afghanistan regions no bridges to establish continued.
In Sudan Organisation personally attending work-site observations Muse-Der Chairman Adil Few , conduct about their work , said . \"Feast of the first Brotherhood our feelings to reinforce the Ummah that consciousness strengthen our wish that I would . Geography of our difficult time these days, inside and out, planned mischief seeing the peace and tranquility of our environment and to preserve not to give authority and our all our brothers are welcome.
Allah be praised , victims our brothers and sisters is your witness , prayer this year with the victims of our organization in the country and abroad by proxy performing successfully completed . we to mandate that our brothers victims of our volunteers with the support we cut and oppressed brothers and sisters have delivered , kindness they witness we made , the Lord accept eylesin . victims, just cut out meat and distribute consists in It is not the victim's sense approach , closer to the divine peace be on and to share. We go where we no bridges have established our brothers'problems've consulted and report to the relevant authorities we delivered . Feasts nation being and brotherhood awareness of the summit is all kinds of emotion is shared as the days were evaluated.
SUDAN COUNTRY orphans . . .
in Sudan for many years, the ongoing civil war, famine , poverty, and nearly one million due to unfavorable climatic conditions are vulnerable and orphan children . This children's mental , physical and mental health will seduce There are many threats and dangers . This is the most dangerous threats in the work of missionaries in the region . This is also the biggest victims of the table , children, women and the elderly.
Mus-Der aware of what this is all the people of our country to our Orphan's love, compassion and mercy delivered . The Society , the Darfur region and the war insecure living in the orphans'health and food needs as well as their souls to feed , as well as livable safe to create an environment by targeting the capital Khartoum, close to the center of 21 acres of land, built on the Aqaba Orphans Complex visit the place and 138 puppies have a smile on our face .
this occasion all our donors, Philanthropy, our Müteberri , our volunteers and especially our Association International Yardımeli the heart of our gratitude for the excellent coordination , offer our prayers and our affection . \"


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