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  • 26 Ekim 2014, Pazar 09:53

\"How to Go to the Exit chaos ?\"

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Karya Management Consulting instructor Leyla Özlem Demir, the leaders of the business world , a new perspective about the world and said it was the need for a new framework to deal with it .

Adana news: Karya Management Consulting instructor Leyla Özlem Demir, the leaders of the business world , a new perspective about the world and said it was the need for a new framework to deal with it . Photo particularly Adana Hacı Sabancı Organized Industrial Zone regulating training seminars for senior managers of many institutions, including the Carian Management Consulting Cukurova \u0026 Southeast Office, gives direction to the future of the company .
AOSB wherein companies as for senior executives , \"Change, crisis , corporate governance model in the period of chaos \"on a presenter Leyla Özlem Demir, done in the period of chaos and gave information about the don'ts . Photo Photo < strong> cHAOS ORDER a pART Photo Iron , order and disorder in the world today that nested bar , \"Chaos \", he said flour should be seen as part of the scheme. Market conditions is called as \"normal , growth and downsizing\"as he mentions three market condition , while the 4. Market conditions \"chaos \"indicating that Leyla Özlem Demir, \"According to this new perspective , the change takes place at all times. Could come from any corner of the world and can affect any company substantially . Today, the speed and magnitude of the shock change is greater than ever. this is a new normalcy , \"he said .
National Intelligence Council in 2008, \"Global Trends 2025:A Transformed world \"report , \"the world's more destruction , turbulence, chaos and would remain fiercely confronted \"Iron reminding stressed,\"these factors will impact business across the globe directly or indirectly . Business leaders must also learn to deal with them if they want to survive in the long run the company , \"he said .
Photo CHAOS WAS tO BE DONE 10 ERROR Photo \"A nail a clog , a shoe, the horse , a horse, one horse , a horse of an army losing the war and the kingdom of the loss of a war that may be caused \"such that Leyla Özlem Demir, in the period of chaos stressed can lead to big results for small mistakes. Photo turbulent economic period in the sort most important 10 errors which might have a company Karya Management Consulting instructor Leyla Özlem Demir them \"Capabilities to dismiss the technology of the investment to cut , to reduce risk , stop product development, growth-oriented CEOs , change the cost of reducing CEO , globalization back step , to remove the main strategy of innovation , performance criteria change , to strengthen the hierarchy instead of cooperation, high-walled retreat to the castle \"as announced. Photo Photo If you're lucky KAOS LIVING Photo Seminar successive managers, \"If your company is having to work in the chaos so far I can tell that you are very lucky. Our employees in such a chaotic situation , and especially try to measure senior managers of your how to behave , \"said Leyla Özlem Demir, \"Kaotiks strategic behavior on the implementation plan, \"he told the the steps . Iron these steps describing the \"Confirm the current business model and strategy , the chaos , the organization's strategy implementation assess ability , identify the strategic behavior implementation plan , apply kaotiks strategic behavior , consider again and revise \"has suggested . Photo Photo KAOS TERM iMPLEMENTATION PLAN Photo Karya Management Consulting trainer Leyla Özlem Demir, then Kaotiks Strategic Behavior application told Plan from sample warning and application models. Photo of Iron chaos term \"marketing \"for marketers:\"In your market share , guaranteeing your main customer segments , increase your customer research , customers highlight your credibility , useless programs and projects , leave immediately , do your best brand discount prices , save with the leave of the weak strong , \"he advised . Iron, \"a useless marketing, advertising programs, poor products and services , the main non-product or service launches , leave the main brand of discounts to make plans\"he warned. Photo Photo Recommendations on FINANCE APPLICATION Photo Leyla Özlem Demir, \"Finance and Kaotiks strategic behavior checklist for IT \"in \"Final to be held or will be postponed \"items is the \"IPO , investment in infrastructure and equipment expenditures, price increases, dividend payments , stock the buy-back , open credit use , comprehensive salary cuts , the dismissal of key employees \"as outlined . Photo Iron , in this area\"will be increased or be accelerated \"the measures\"decision date than the transmitter and the new management reporting to provide high quality information systems, communication and use of technology that improves productivity, cash discount wholesale purchase discounts, and bargain for more favorable conditions of professional service suppliers, term loans , personal visits to company locations with all key employees , \"he said. Photo Photo PRODUCTION AND OPERATIONS PLAN Photo Karya trainer, \"Production-Operations \"for \"Capacity associated inventory projects, new supplier relationships are\"postponed , \"with premiums and bonuses for productivity gains , the price guaranteed contract \"is preferably performed should be reported . Iron, \"Sales \"to \"Roster increase, sales are not directly look at the exhibition and other activities \"would be wrong , \"the same target and selling companies with strategic collaboration, customer contact meetings, contact the sales team and communication ,\"said if it is necessary. Iron, \"human resources \"units in the chaos of the term \"wage increases , office space expansion , meetings and events in the company-wide promotions, the dismissal of key and talented employees \", he added not to go on his way.

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