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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 13:36

Human Gear Fish Caught in Russia

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Russia's Arkhangelsk region in northwestern caught a fish with a human female .

Arhangelsk news:
Northern Dvina River in Arkhangelsk in Russia caught a fish stunned everyone . Russian fishing Angler Aleks Korobov (50) caught by fishing gear Russian people by the Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography were also examined . Fish of the Northern Dvina River, caught in fishing Aleks, first saw it at the time an ordinary freshwater bream that , but opened his mouth as soon as the human teeth with a different kind of thought it was the expression, \"Nice and red gills when I opened the mouth of a largemouth be as it should be noticed that . I saw something which amazed me , \"he said . Found that fish just friends showing Aleks, his friends before you do not believe then the teeth saw it stunned hide unable noted.
Catch the fish boasted Aleks autopsy later to make the Russian Fisheries and Oceanography Institute and contacted . Institute expert Gennady Dvorykank the \"piranha family believe that . But in movies as you can see flesh-eating piranhas , not from a herbivorous piranhas saying\"this fish is probably the river thrown a tropical sample is added.
Russian fishing Aleks the fish caught in Russia If the Arkhangelsk region about 1,300 kilometers away from Chernobyl's .

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