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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 15:54

Human Rights Watch:\"Isidor , missed that Kurdish children Ediyor Torture \"

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Defending human rights all over the world and engaged in research Human Rights Watch , Isidor's held captive for 6 months as the cutting head by torturing children watch the images , he said .

New york news: Photo Human Rights Watch , based on the information gained from their interviews with the children kidnapped by Isidor that children watch beheading image and badly beaten , he said . Description of forced religious education given to children as children who do not fit the program and Isidor militants to lay hose with beating flogging was expressed . One of the boys talking about the subject, \"do not comply with the program were beaten . They beat me with us longer surrounded by the green hose and surrounded by wire cable. At the same time flogging also they invest . Sometimes they just find an excuse to beat us . They were trying to teach verses from us the Quran and learn insolubles were beating ,\"he said . Children, Isidor was also noted that they were left free , citing the completion of religious education. Photo Isidor , returning to Kobani'yi from Aleppo 150 students had taken hostage kidnapped on May 29 . Isidor child later announced that 25 hostages released on October 29th. Human Rights Watch is still in the hands of Isidor's despite the fact that the Kurds were released , he said the children found in children .

Human Rights Watch:\"Isidor , missed that Kurdish children Ediyor Torture \"" comments for.


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