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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 14:00

Hunters are Gümüşpalasp , U17 League is signing to Great Success

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Yet established two months ago and have been playing football anywhere else before the board Hunters Gümüşpalasp is , it achieves great success in the U17 League.

İstanbul news: U17 European Region 2 Amateur Photo Istanbul is experiencing the miracle of Gümüşpalasp League. September 12 , 2014 and executive chairman Yuksel Malkoç al Hussein and his team founded by Gökhan Dry Mountain , just drawing a graph in a highly successful group match although the past 2 months .
21 . The green and orange in the group team , the Başarır this season played 7 games in 5 victory taking , he left upset than 2 matches . Photo Gümüşpalasp President Yüksel Malkoç , noting that the huge success of the distance that the two months , \"Gümüşpalasp is not any facility, previously no team play and football training to get young people from an established team . we're our facility astroturf in our training our neighborhood because it is not . Moreover, we are the hardest grubund U17 League. despite this point very successful we have reached the end of the first 7 weeks. our teachers Cenk Balkans under the leadership of our team this performance into the future allows us to look more hopeful and determined. we just want our hunters Mayor Han Benli us one of the clay court in the county in more favorable conditions for training is open to us to do , \"he said .

Hunters are Gümüşpalasp , U17 League is signing to Great Success" comments for.


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