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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 11:16

Hydroponics was held with Strawberry Production

Hydroponics was held with Strawberry Production
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Autum District neighborhood Pehlivanlı in which women are employed in the greenhouse was the introduction of hydroponic strawberry cultivation floors with agriculture .

Erzurum news: Photo Autum Food, Agriculture and prepared by the Livestock District Office, funded by KUDAKA and supported \"in Rural Areas , Train to Rising Quality of Life and the pop Horizons\"Autum Governor Mustafa farmers to the introduction of the project, Agrarian Reform Deputy General Manager Faruk Fıratoğl , Provincial Food Agriculture and Livestock Manager Osman Akar, Agricultural Credit Cooperative Erzurum Regional Director Ali Karaaslan, corporate directors and was attended by many farmers. Photo project Coordinator, Agricultural Engineer Hagan kırkkesel , the scope landless agriculture, floors strawberry production switched to the five sera (1.20 square meters of space ), indicating that the revenue obtained from 30-40 tons annually , reported that the production in the soil is so fertile . This system works with the automation system ; With this system, the plant enough water , the production said that using enough fertilizer and less medication .
Agricultural Engineer Kırkkesel 1.20 acre 7 thousand before the greenhouse area of ​​500 seedlings standing coat system 1.20 square meters of greenhouse space and is made ​​of 32 thousand seedlings planted production was also noted that the same degree of increase. Photo Provincial Food stated that Agriculture and Livestock Manager Osman mites and the other of landless agriculture, floors strawberry production in the renovated five greenhouse project 15 sera in the annual production by the district implemented planned to be between 140 and 150 tons . < br/> mites indicating Studies will continue in an integrated manner , Erzurum within a few years and the environment Pehlivanlı the need strawberries of the provinces that he would meet with strawberries . after the Photo Talk toured greenhouses with hydroponic strawberry production.

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