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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 09:26

Hyperactive Kids Education Time Established

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Flat Istanbul-based home school experts, with a group of teachers and students hyperactive children formed a team to give special training.

Flat Istanbul-based home school experts, with a group of teachers and students hyperactive children formed a team to give special training. Called Koşanabl young educators, the children able to hold their families, as well as special education and prepares them to life 'lamb' doing like.
Hyperactivity our age is regarded as one of the main problems of children. Accepted by the family as a sign of intelligence at an early age on the problems have to be lean. A group of educators in Istanbul Beylikdüzü, primarily hyperactive children in Istanbul formed a team to give special training. Koşanabl to the so-called educators tired mothers to rescue.
Of the project which is the first Training Designer Market Tamer, Turkey's most dynamic two-mass, young people and children, family temperature-controlled in a way that brings together, he said. Moving the children sit down and tell them:'Stop, Listen saying' most ineffective method is describing Market Tamer about the project gave the following information was :"O for the best method to learn something together to do. So life deneyimlet to. Experiencing child's intelligence to better develop. We kindergarten and elementary school level kids moving a service we have designed. our system children in their own homes receive education. Universities first child development section of students Koşanabl shops, running eggs pursuing. Children with individual concern and their mothers are helping. these youths a special education program support. This way, when reading practice getting the opportunity to do. Received the flexibility to treat the family of the program are sleeping."
Koşanabl they project the brain, wit and energy to avoid wasting stating that they want Tamer in the world, groundbreaking many hyperactive that there has told :"M poke and stir, today launched boasted that the Marmaray project, who first coined the Leonardo da Vinci, the famous and classic were hyperactive. Leonardo 240 meter long stone with a bridge cross the Strait was planning on these, the intervening 511 years even can not be done, given the dream was beyond even. ADHD DEHA that links to experts Da Vinci's an example. Apart from that, Albert Einstein, Mozart, Cher, tomcruis of Walt Disney, Henry Ford, stephenhawkings, Jules Verne, hanschristi Andersen, Nelson Rockefeller, Thomas Edison, John F. Kennedy, Rodin, David h.murdock, dustinhoff man, Louis Pasteur, F. Scott Fitzgerald, George Bernard Shaw, Beethovengib made his mark on the world of science and art were hyperactive in people."

Hyperactive Kids Education Time Established" comments for.


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