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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 14:56

Hz . They called Noah's Ark in Diyarbakir

Hz . They called Noah's Ark in Diyarbakir
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A group of researchers Hz .

Diyarbakır news: A group of researchers Hz . Noah's Ark on the mountain, to study the possibility that came to Diyarbakir .
Istanbul University Institute of Marine Sciences and Management Department of Chemical Oceanography Instructor Assoc. Dr. . Yavuz Example of researchers and writers Hamza Yardımcıoğl for a while, as a result of its research and analysis based on the data obtained Prophet. Noah's Ark found in Diyarbakır claimed . Today, researchers from Diyarbakir found in the mountain, in the views .
Since 2009 Hz . Explaining what they do research about Noah'ship Yardımcıoğl Researcher, Writer Hamza , the work was carried out in partnership with some universities in Turkey , he said. Yardımcıoğl voicing out the flood in Mesopotamia , the Torah also said it pointed to Ararat . Quran Hz. Noah's Ark settled Cudia Yardımcıoğl gives the example mentioned in the verse , Cudi told that it means a high place .
of Yardımcıoğl , \"we do can stop the ship after the flood in Mesopotamia satellite in the work of the most suitable place Tigris valley that I've noticed . obtained data after the focus where this place was . the mountain, an artificial all of you take in the view and this place was a sacred area known as the curiosity we were attracted . more here after condensation began. a lot of things Noah's Ark in Diyarbakir suggestive saw . example Apple Hamdi writing commentaries of the Hud Surah 44 verses see if there is even the ship's amide could be in is specified. these all of you looking hill for wonder , while we know nothing , and the difference we have not turned up a structure . rectangular remaining on the mountain side about 180 meters in length while the width of a structure is about 75 meters wide via satellite've noticed . then we started doing interviews with the university . The geological structure ofthis research have made or may be a different structure . Researchers at the University of us has confirmed our thoughts . So determined was a place where we decided that man-made structures . This man-made structures are basing at least 50 thousand years ago . In photographs taken in space on the mountain, which is defined as those two places unknown buried under the ground . We think this could be done within the ship . This situation needs to be discussed in public . We have very important documents . We have many concrete data . Authorities in this area need to carry out excavation work to do . Here what will emerge every whatever , world history that can change is paramount , \"he said .
Istanbul University Marine Science and Management Institute of Chemical Oceanography Department Lecturer Assoc. Dr. . Yavuz Sample the years before Noah Tufanı examination starts stating that , conducted an extensive study on this issue , he said. example, \"five thousand years ago, this region having the Iranians , as for defense , had built in flat plains hills . These hills are waiting on the enemy when they're burning fire . Measures were taken before the attack . Where we have found a body . That it is exactly what it did not know . Burundi needs to be investigated by a team of experts to do , \"he said .

Hz . They called Noah's Ark in Diyarbakir" comments for.


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