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  • 04 Ocak 2014, Cumartesi 09:36

I fell in the bathroom Pass Workers' Organs of Brain Hemorrhage 4 People Will Be Life

I fell in the bathroom Pass Workers' Organs of Brain Hemorrhage 4 People Will Be Life
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Ula district of Muğla fell in the bathroom of the house donated organs of workers who had brain hemorrhage in 4 patients was hope.

Muğla news: Muğla Ula in the house in the bathroom of falling cerebral hemorrhage workers who had donated organs in 4 patients was hope.
Manisa Gordes district some time ago to work Ula to the excavation Sara (51), December 30, 2013 on Monday in the bathroom losses on suspicion of a brain hemorrhage due to a drop in Fethiye Specialty Hospital LIBEROMANIA Craftsmen. Struggle for survival in the intensive care unit for 5 days in the brain that Sara's death took place yesterday evening. Fethiye Organ Transplant Nurse Coordinator Nezil Acer, Sara's family was convinced about organ donation. Do
announced results from Akdeniz University Faculty of Medicine Dr. ERBiS Khalil, Dr. Peace and Dr. Akbuz. Faruk Özkul came to Fethiye for transplant operations. About 4 hours operating results Kazim, Sara received from the liver Antalya Akdeniz University Faculty of Medicine, the pancreas Ankara, Faculty Of Education and Research Hospital, kidneys İzmir Ege University Medical Faculty Hospital patients waiting for organ for transplantation to have been taken. It was noted that the receipt of the patient's heart. Dr.
team responsible. Khalil ERBiS, in his statement,"brain dead patient's organs to 4 people life will be. Turkey live organ very difficult to find. Annual five thousand patients waiting for organs is. Patients waiting for organs that are losing. This for organ donation is very important,"he said. Tradesmen
LIBEROMANIA Hospital Chief Oper. Dr.. Murat Aynacı 5 days before the patient fell in the bathroom due to brain hemorrhage that made his heart stop as a result of an intensive intervention that run but yesterday said that brain death occurs. Fethiye Organ Transplant Coordinator contacted after the study commenced noted aynaci,"Turkey organ transplant coordination with the Antalya team from transplant waiting in 4 patients, liver, kidneys and pancreas take the waiting expectantly took me to. Our country waiting for organ 100 thousand got sick of us, including must be sensitive to organ donation,"he said.

I fell in the bathroom Pass Workers' Organs of Brain Hemorrhage 4 People Will Be Life" comments for.


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