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  • 22 Temmuz 2014, Salı 17:25

I Qadr in Janik Huhteşe

I Qadr in Janik Huhteşe
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Janik for everyone in the Night of Qadr will be collected in Palestine .

Samsun news: Janik for everyone in the Night of Qadr will be collected in Palestine . Adnan Menderes world leader in Democracy Square where imams read the Quran voices will rise , thousands of hands would do to the Palestinian Authority Mufti Hayrettin Öztürk will be opened with a prayer to heaven .
Janik and spiritual climate of citizens in accordance with the Municipality had one night to the fullest , as well as Israel's oppression of the Palestinian suffering under the Night of Qadr Wednesday evening to pray Special Programme is organizing . Palestinian citizens to come together and will open on the night iftar together , the World Champion Egyptian Quran Reading Holy Quran DR . Ahmed Naina and Iranian Mohammed Said Tui with Ilkadim Beyazit Mosque Imam and Preacher Yusuf Koç , Wednesday Rıdvanpaş Mosque Imam and Preacher Hussein Altinisik and Neonatal Mosque Imam and Preacher Ali Osman Çetin's Koran-Quran banquet will take place.
\" Adnan Menderes ' TA MEET \"
of Hearts will unite for Palestine in the late hours of the night Samsun Mufti Asst. Assoc. Dr. . Hayrettin Öztürk , who will pray for Israel Palestine under attack . Dr. . Şenocak bestowed on Palestine and Qadr chat will last until the morning of the scope of the event has taken place and together will make sahuru citizens . The event will end after the rendering of the morning prayer . Janik spiritual activities such as the Municipality Mayor Osman Young önemsediklerini Janik , all citizens will be held at Democracy Square Adnan Menderes was invited to the Night of Qadr .

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