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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 13:45

'I've got to Bursa'Awards in Competition Winners

'I've got to Bursa'Awards in Competition Winners
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Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of R \u0026 D Department started 3 months ago and rewards-based business development in target areas'for Greater I have found their own awards in the project.

Bursa news: In Competition'Rain Grating Layout'project with the first that Metropolitan Municipality staff Adnan Go 5000 worth of money and took tablets award Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe'nin his hand. Photo Only Metropolitan Municipality and its affiliates are organized for the staff'for Metropolitan I have my'award ceremony of the project was held in Merinos Atatürk Congress and Culture Center. Lightning in a ceremony held at Beyazıt Hall , the Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, Metropolitan bureaucrats and its affiliates'directors , Metropolitan staff and their families attended. Photo Municipality R \u0026 D Branch Office about 3 months ago , organized in 10 categories for'Greater I have my'project , a total of 248 125 people had applied to the project. Staff of the project/idea generation capacity development , to ensure the formation of innovative corporate identity , which aims to create a business idea competition for the development of new and existing municipal services, municipal services ; 146 Metropolitan Municipality , the binted 48, from BUSKI 30 , from BURULAŞ 11 , from BESAŞ 8, 4 from burfaş from Burban 2 , CULTURE , Inc. to 1 and BURKENT'skin was attended by 1 person. Jury members were addressed on the grounds that according to the second application specifications. Top 15 projects out of 248 applicants , the project team of 17 people and areas of focus of leaders'Preliminary Assessment Board was determined as a result of web-based online assessment . The best 15 projects from the best 3 projects deemed worthy of the prize money ,'Review Board's web-based online assessment results were determined . Metropolitan Municipality, the winner of the Photo Competition staff Adnan Go 5000 worth of prize money with tablet computers the Mayor of Recep received from Altepe'nin hand . Culture AŞ Burak Topkaya,'Bursa standby and Reading House'project has achieved the second place and the prize money of $ 4000 . Flowers from the BUSKI Peters'Time Recycle Time'with the name of the project and won the third place prize money of $ 3,000 . Winning the competition 15 projects with the Metropolitan Mayor Recep was a tablet computer gift by Altepe .
Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, he said the target in regulating competition is more innovative institution and more skilled labor . Therefore'Metropolitan for I have called'project they organized and Metropolitan family everyone who works what they do more than ponder the President Altepe describing what they want , \"250 project 250 is also important for us and the work we do on Bursa'yl will benefit from this project. Participation showing the first, second and third I would like to thank all the friends. See you in the future to move the point of Bursa'm expecting much more beautiful work , \"he said .

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