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  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 09:06

I went to Çanakkale Martyrs'Families yerköylü

I went to Çanakkale Martyrs'Families yerköylü
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Yozgat Yerköy prepared by the Association of Martyrs'Families'Canakkale Travel Programme'project Yerköy living in the village were taken to Çanakkale Martyrs'Families and Veterans .

Yozgat news:
Atlantic Ocean in front of the Mosque of Martyrs'Families and Veterans of the invention, farewell , MN Sengoku District Governor , District Police Chief Hakan Pakel Gendarmerie Lieutenant Abidin Islam and many citizens attended. Yerköy Martyrs'Families Association President Ahmet Kebir , travel program , Yerköy and villages 42 people Dardanelles said he had gone .
Families of Martyrs and Veterans against organized this trip Ministry of Internal Affairs of Associations Department and Yerköy Martyrs'Families organized by the Association stating Kebir , \"our association by April 15, 2014, prepared in the Ministry of Interior , \"available in Canakkale travel program\"was approved . approved projects through our martyrs'families and our veterans, our 3-day Dardanelles ride will have the opportunity . excursion program , Yerkoy Us and villages located in 42 people attended. organized this trip program financing completely Ministry of Internal Affairs of Associations authorities are met. Tours purpose of our martyrs and veterans of our morale and motivation to improve the moral and social collapse fall within the relatives of martyrs and veterans rebuild our society to gain , \"he said .
District Governor MN Sengoku the Yerköy martyrs'Families Association has prepared this proud of the project as stated, \"prepared by the Association of Families of Martyrs this project is a project that has been accepted by the appropriate authorities . Thanks to this project , prepared our families , to improve their cultural and social context , in order to ensure cohesion among themselves , which gave our ancestors a glorious battle to keep alive the spirit of Gallipoli are on their way . Those who prepare such a program , the adoption and implementation of the project would like to thank those who contributed to , \"he said .

I went to Çanakkale Martyrs'Families yerköylü" comments for.


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