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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 13:17

I wish Kars from 23 February Description

I wish Kars from 23 February Description
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Branches Platform sharp against a rally held in Ankara on November 23, the police claimed they were faced with the tough stance.

Kars news: Kars sharp s uber Show Platform on November 23, held in Ankara rally by the police for his tough attitude they encountered claimed.
Kars sharp s uber Show Platform name of the Education and Science building, press who explained that KESKE Term spokesman Valerie Doğanay;"our confederation of trade unions affiliated our Education You"to our profession, honor, Human Life About Us, Our Future owners to exit "23 K ace 2013` ta in Ankara its rally of power, the police attacked. Every year on September 12th fascist coup imposed by the fake November 24 `s in the teacher's day celebration makers, democratic, mother tongue, equal, secular and scientific education who want education workers to the demands of gas, batons, TOMA` s water squeezed from the responded with"he said.
Doğanay , the statement contained the following statements replied:
"Recent educational power interventions and behind closed doors to be converted is required. Classroom discussions with the education market completely into the arms of leaving those who want to, today 'girls and boys represent discussions starting a co-educational eliminate plans. still For anyone in the mother tongue the right to education is not accepted compulsory-elective removal of religious courses that Turkey `democracy and freedom, to mention becomes insignificant. AKP government last year introduced the 4 +4 +4 model to children with labor or marriage has paved the way. All these transformations, while there was education workers; human dignity as the struggle for survival serves. Teaching profession other name is no longer wage slavery has been. market-conservative and one medic policies every year on November 24 in celebration of the teaching profession of holiness mentioned the government and the ruling by the supporters is justified. against it; Education You as teachers On the day of their demand and foreign, with banners with the fields filled. Education laborers, students and parents with the participation of the Ministry of Education before the termination will be democratic and peaceful demonstration, the AKP government by police has been blocked. Gases, batons, chemical with water 'saga by `power of the police their intervention as a result of dozens of our members injury has caused. Counterfeit November 24, with celebrations of the teaching profession of holiness mention their true face these interventions result appears once again çıkmıştır.eğit Sen and KESK as usual; pressure, intimidation and destruction policy fight against the sustain will continue. This is the beginning to struggle he continued training of workers; grades in schools, on the streets, will not hesitate to say their demands. everyone 'Human Life, we invite you to participate in our democratic struggle is in Turkey."

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