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  • 01 Ağustos 2013, Perşembe 16:13

Ibrahim Chechen intense interest in the University of

Ibrahim Chechen intense interest in the University of
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Agri Ibrahim Chechen University, the student has reached saturation of 96 percent compared to the results of placement.

has begun to reap the benefits of becoming a college town

Stating steps taken. Dr. Irfan Lion, the number of students in a short time, such as five years, reaching nearly 9 thousand, yapacaklarla prefer the academic year 2013-2014, this number would be 12 thousand. For the first time the student will receive the Faculty of Pharmacy, Professor noted that 41 students applied. Dr. The Lion, the 'Department of Economics 52, Department of Economics (secondary education), 52, Jalal Fasting Animal Production School 16 35 Medical Laboratory Techniques and Medical Laboratory Techniques (secondary education) will be the first students to 35 students. On the other hand, faculty, Computer and Instructional Technology Teacher Education, Mathematics Education, Early Childhood Education, Guidance and Counseling Education, Primary Education, Social Studies Teacher, and Turkish Language Teaching, Faculty of Science History, Russian Language and Literature, Turkish Language and Literature departments , Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Faculty, Department of Management, Faculty of Islamic Sciences Primary Religious Culture and Moral Education from the choices made by the Department of Islamic Sciences ulaştı'diye spoke to 100 percent occupancy rate.

'rising from the east road ışık'parolasıyla physical structuring of the university; Prof. referred to the completion of 90 percent. Dr. The Lion, the increase in the number of academic staff, as well as the physical construction is increasing with each passing year more and contribute positively to the increase in the number of students said that.

Ibrahim Chechen intense interest in the University of" comments for.


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