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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 01:11

Identified butler AK Party Provincial Administration

Identified butler AK Party Provincial Administration
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AK Party provincial chairman of the Organization for Butler served on the task of Basra Lightning, the new board of directors has determined the province.

Uşak news: AK Party Butler Organization province in the presidency is notified Basri Lightning, the new provincial board of directors has determined.
Butler AK Party Chairman Basri Lightning, in his statement,"Butler AK Party provincial chairman Lawyer Mehmet Day Usak mayor candidates for nomination to resign as a result of the AK Party applying our method that required all provincial board of principal and alternate members to resign after the management is fully discharged. Afterwards, the provincial president of the tendency poll our organization that I received support for the AK Party headquarters of approval by the Butler AK Party provincial appointed head of the Notice I. AK Party local elections at the earliest, most comprehensive and most professionally prepared Usak AK Party organization when we losing the same speed and discipline way in order to continue the new will be appointed provincial board member appointment of the process, members of the organization and that support us all our friends and a large public interviews with and after consultations consensual decision according to our new provinces form the management board Notice I have. Former board member Regards, Municipality, Municipal and provincial councils for membership resigned all our friends, all potential candidates with our new provincial government members of the board with our friends one heart we all provincial board members, acting as the local election we will be ready and God willing, this election will be won. 2023 with a vision of the new Butler lay the foundations that local elections ahead of the new board of directors of our hometown and our Usak no to bring the Almighty Allah I wish I would,"he said.
Persian Lightning led Butler AK Party's new provincial administration the following names occurred; Abdullah Kilinc, Aladdin Aktas, Ali Fabric,
Ali tamarind, Ali Riza cumen, Ayse Did you have the sword, Aysen Supreme Bahattin Peker, Peace and Cavide Öztop Hanlin.

Identified butler AK Party Provincial Administration" comments for.


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