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  • 26 Ekim 2014, Pazar 01:15

If Technopark Life Passed

If Technopark Life Passed
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Ege University is the most important innovation ecosystem to complement Technopark added .

İzmir news: Ege University is the most important innovation ecosystem to complement Technopark added . ide EGE TGB of the founding ceremony of the Aegean University Prof. Dr. Joseph Vardar was held at the Cultural Center MoTB . Then ideeg to-TDZ's first building \"PEARL \"The opening was held. The opening of the İzmir Governor Mustafa Toprak, Izmir Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu , Ege University Rector Dr. Candeğer Yılmaz , Science, Industry and Technology Ministry Director General Cevahir Uskurt , Aegean Region Chamber of Industry ( EBSO) Acting Chairman Ibrahim Gökçeoğlu Board of Directors , academics and attended many names consisting of contributing to the project. Photo Ege University Rector Dr. Candeğer Yılmaz , \"the region with all units and the country's need scientific and also to give direction to economic development , Ege University employees to support the development of high value-added products that work to continue for many years and continues under study for Technology Development Zone on the production . The most important complement to the work done in this context Technopark is'​​s opening . Ege University most exciting welcome to the developments open the future most joyful and days with increased weight on the shoulders . no period social welfare of history was not intertwined with the work of the university. we live in an age of globalization . that entrepreneurship increases, in an epoch gained importance in international relations. Information Loading society we have increased the responsibilities of the different universities. universities is committed to create quality human in line with the expectations of society , \"he said . Professor Dr. Yilmaz, to take into local properties of the economy and they are making efforts to benefit the region and will continue to do well , he added . Photo EBSO Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors Ibrahim Gökçeoğlu \"or manufacture our motto as industrialists development illusion . At this point, technopark industry and universities will be put to a closer working environment , \"he said . Photo Science, Industry and technology Ministry Director General Cevahir Uskurt , \"Turkey's're getting support requests for the entire province of tech development zone . the city during the evaluation in this context, capacity and potential We take into account . But there will in demand from Ege University , were excited and we had the capacity we can make this work. We also have been making our part in line with the demands , \"he said . Photo İzmir Governor Mustafa Toprak if expressed his happiness to be in the opening bringing \"these studies are encouraging developments for our country and Izmir . the relationship between the production community with information then we set the goal of exceeding the level of contemporary civilization as we can establish a good country. These studies are important developments in this respect. Important role in the training of scientists giving direction to the work of the Technopark in university science slot play , \"he said .

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