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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 16:01

\"If we succeed , we'll contact with you \"

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Unity among employees , draw and Pay a.mahmut Mayor has every opportunity to come together with staff in order to ensure solidarity Almond, met with workers at the construction site at breakfast .

İzmir news: Photo Almond President Mahmoud ; \"We will manage Ödemis together we say . Our city council members , our office manager , our officers , our workers that is always working together, 130 thousand Ödemişli we will serve. Street distress you, you know better , identify the problem , we will fix it together. We will contact you if we reach success ,\"he said . Photo elections after President Mahmoud Almond inherit a municipality owes £ 27.5 million , included in many attempts to find the source in the past seven months. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Prime Minister twice once during about increasing share of the new law and regulations also did interviews presidential term. In addition to providing information about the general situation of the municipality prepared file Izmir deputies are continuing to search for solutions on the matter. Further information on the economic situation of the municipal Photo speech President ; \"We are going through a very difficult period. Financial terms 27.5 million. While under the burden of debt , struggling to take timely remunerated of you , trying to find the source . Priority is paying for you to live the days that you take salary during 80-85 days in the past again we are using for you \"he said. stating that it's very difficult to find a job in today's conditions
President ; \"Y'all trying to take a piece of bread in your home. We do not have troubles with nobody's business . Remember that we're all here to serve 130 thousand Ödemişli . Our people are waiting for our clients ,\"he said the words .


\"If we succeed , we'll contact with you \"" comments for.


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