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  • 31 Temmuz 2013, Çarşamba 15:44

If you are using someone else's line ...

If you are using someone else's line ...
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BTK had been given until October 1.

Information and Communication Technologies Authority (ICTA href=""> ), opened his own name on behalf of others without the mobile phone subscription agreement Users of the routes they use them to take the lines have been given until 1 October 2013, said.

makes a statement about updating subscription BTK, the contours of someone else's mobile phone users on 1 October 2013 until the date of signing a covenant GSM operator contact, use the line on their own behalf has been brought with free kaydettirebilme announced. The statement,"Currently, as of June 2013 the number of consumers use on lines reached 666 thousand 748. 13th Chamber of the Council of State on May 9, 2013 tarihinde'Kararı subscription Esaslar'başlıklı updating principles and regulation, 'Users lines on themselves be registered with the required duties, taxes, fees and other financial obligations to carry out karşılanır'hükmünün stopped by the operators. Regulation and other provisions in force, subscribers are currently using until 1 October 2013 in order to register them on the lines imzalayabilme are entitled to a subscription agreement with the operators. Subscribe to the conclusion of the contract will continue to be used in conjunction with the current SIM. processing these lines with the old subscribers as of October 1, 2014 are entitled to appeal"the statement said.


former subscribers to a real person TC objections identification numbers by submitting a written petition with the official identity statement holds this emphasis on the legal entity of the tax certificate by submitting written objections to the old subscribers can perform with the petition said. The former fell into the subscriber's right to appeal does not voiced during the following statements is the statement:"If the old subscriber line time and again to appeal to current subscribers on behalf of the former is recorded. Behalf of the subscriber line re-recording of an old defunct subscription agreement, which was signed with the user count. Users lines, their be registered with them the necessary taxes, duties, fees and other financial obligations are met by the operators. abuse in non mobile telephone operators for the provision of this Article shall take the necessary technical and administrative measures. Operators using appropriate methods inform subscribers about the provisions of this Article."


If you are using someone else's line ..." comments for.


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