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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 13:51

Igdir University President Yilmaz Eid al-Adha Message

Igdir University President Yilmaz Eid al-Adha Message
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Igdir University Rector

Iğdır news: Dr. Ibrahim Yilmaz , Eid al-Adha therefore has released a message .
President Yilmaz message, \"Feast of Our religious and national beliefs customs and traditions of our decorate the past, we have inherited legacy of enriching the future we carry , tolerance and sense of solidarity of the most beautiful specimens on display for centuries, carefully made our values survival and from generation to generation , which transmit love are the days . us great meaning for carrying , unity and strengthen our friendship and peace constitute holidays, they carry meaning and significance according to the celebrated , especially nowadays with each other and our country, our responsibilities more to remember. centuries since the unity and unity in which we celebrate , cooperation and solidarity has been a symbol of the Sacrifice , the hearts of our peace , love and fellowship to fill with the feast with the joy gush to be instrumental in'm sorry. these thoughts and feelings with lecturers , administrative staff , our all of our students and our people the Greater Eid internal wishes to congratulate you , \"he said .

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