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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 17:39

\"Ignorance of Civilizations Hz. Muhammad's Way \"Conference

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Good-Der's founder and opinion leaders by Ali Ugur Özkeleş \"Ignorance of Civilizations Hz.

Kilis news: Good-Der's founder and opinion leaders by Ali Ugur Özkeleş \"Ignorance of Civilizations Hz. Muhammad's Way \"was named the conference .
the conference held on 7 December University Conference Hall Hafiz Mehmet Biliran started with the recitation of the Qur'an . Then the Prophet blessed journey from ignorance to civilization Multivisual shows the short film describing the call was monitored.
Well-Der Ali Ugur Özkeleş founder and community leaders , has arrived to the podium to deliver speeches . Hz . Muhammad in different aspects , Ali Ugur Özkeleş , in his speech , \"Humanity ignorance of the mire Hz . Muhammad led peeling each stars in the sky that people has created . Sinem to the Qur'an responsible for provision insert these eminent people with Muhammad a new society we have built . girl children alive buried , the stone , soil , halva from the worshipers of idols , women valuing a community rather than a short period of time women who value the slave-free separation eliminates building a community edilmiştir.hicretl with a strong statehood taken steps towards longer the state's individual responsibility towards their equality, justice , brotherhood concepts in society to dominate began . every kind racist rhetoric strange , which trampled the fraternity has been established , \"he said .
speech last part of the Özkeleş ; \"I know that you here collects Muhammad is the love . his Being a lover of you , we are required to do certain tasks . We Irfan in the light of the Qur'an and Sunnah movement before civilization built it ourselves, then our families and our environment with efrat must encompass the entire society so longed Asr-i Saadet should live today . Come together with the Nabis he blessed peace and I greet once more anal , \"he said .
Conference at the exit to the guests by well-Der Prophet. Muhammad's example was a gift from his book Ethics .

\"Ignorance of Civilizations Hz. Muhammad's Way \"Conference" comments for.


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