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  • 06 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 09:04

IHH's New Family Camps were taken

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Human Rights and Freedoms ( IHH) Humanitarian Relief Foundation , the family began to set up camp in Syria in June.

Halep news: refugee camp in the city of Aleppo in Syria's Photo hosting IHH rate continues to establish new camps without interrupting . Aleppo region in the installation to ongoing SICC of the refugee camp , were taken Syrian refugee families .
About 4 years ago, Syria civil war that started because , destroyed homes, lost their relatives , crippled remaining Syrian families in the border villages they came to escape which was established by the IHH take shelter in refugee camps. IHH Anatolia and embodies our Syrian brothers in the world of the tent which was established with donations from around Kenter and container . Refugees Syrian brothers and sisters daily hot meals and Syria , with its own bread Aleppo given bread. Photo IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, which is one of the oldest tent cities in Syria and Öncüpınar border is located opposite Gate Essel up ( Babusselam I ) tents remaining Syrian families in the city, this winter the newly formed will spend SICC Container in the city. Photo approximately 18 thousand people remained as Babusselam tent by starting from the oldest remaining family in the city , the newly established SICC Container is provided to transmit the Kent family. Photo SICC Container Kent in thousand containers , thousand mosques , schools, sports fields and green parks located . So far, 500 containers in the city where the container is completed placement of the first 500 families were reported to be nearing completion. Needs in each of the remaining Syrian camps in the country are covered by the IHH office in Kilis .

IHH's New Family Camps were taken" comments for.


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