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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 16:24

Ilhan Cavcav , Aziz Yildirim, the ball was Tutor

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Genclerbirligi President Ilhan Cavcav , Fenerbahce Chairman Aziz Yildirim on the last statement, \"Even the precious football president, who at the beginning of the membership not to be a Fenerbahce Fenerbahce administration more dismissed it , I saved it from there.

Ankara news: Both made ​​it through movement , hurts our club with speech gives a big scar on both Turkish football , \"he said . Photo Cavcav , Sports Toto Super League week 8 in Istanbul Basaksehir spoke to reporters at the output of VIP stand after the match they defeated 1-0. Veteran president of Fenerbahce Chairman criticized the recent statement by Aziz Yildirim sharply . Photo Genclerbirligi last minute from assessing the to win a goal Cavcav , \"Başakşehir undefeated club , they're different winner against Galatasaray last week . Today we took the game 1-0 victory came from a free kick goal in the last minute although the middle. Did we really need this win . Children Congratulations , I say Başakşehir to get past , \"he said.
\" PROFESSOR DISPLACEMENT THOUGH I TOMIC I game I'm AL he said, Ode ALT \"Photo Cavcav , coach case of losing the match before the match gave clear answer to the claim that the ice left the team's lore . Cavcav \"These remarks are very being . I know how to change the location when it came to the coach but at the moment I have no such intention , \"he said . Photo Match Cavcav following the VIP stand , \"playing the game especially was sitting Bey right Sinan the end of the match . I told him,'Sir Tomic if I were you I get the game ,'I said . He purchased. I did not tactics , \"he said .
\" Futbolumuz not get better \"Photo Turkey also found striking comments about the state of the football Cavcav , said:Photo \"something that is painful in Turkey is there ; Our club football is not going well . Therefore,'We have won , we've been defeated'not important but it's not going well in terms of football in Turkey. Surely all clubs come together because we have to search in the unity and solidarity. Are the sum of 18 clubs . 4 large club head with each other , especially in our own grinding can even sit together rather than take the word'futbolumuz goes where, what we're doing'saying I need to find remedy. In my view ; if I were competent , even the beginning of the big clubs especially valuable soccer president of membership at the beginning of Fenerbahçe Fenerbahçe management dismissed it not to happen again , I saved it from there. And with his movement , wound hurts our club gives great speeches to the Turkish football. After September 3, 2011 futbolumuz is getting worse every day. The reason I find this bad going well in 4 great club . \"Photo Ilhan Cavcav the other hand Chelsea fans after the match with a person , \"the greatest president , \"he chants .

Ilhan Cavcav , Aziz Yildirim, the ball was Tutor" comments for.


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