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  • 07 Kasım 2014, Cuma 11:27

Impact of Arab Investors wishing to buy residential Interpreters

Impact of Arab Investors wishing to buy residential Interpreters
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Trabzon, where Arab tourists and investors wishing to obtain housing starts to show problems in the real estate sector head at exorbitant prices because they buy housing of Arabic interpreter said.

Trabzon news: Photo Trabzon in recent years flocked to tourists from Arab countries. In particular, a large number of Arab tourists in the region succumbed to the lure of the beautiful nature and greenery of Trabzon buy it. Trabzon Chamber and the Builders Association of Realtors Active Chairman Ayhan Vehicles sold to foreign investors this year over 120 housing recalled. Residential sales in the profession do not , at the same time striking authority sells the exorbitant prices of the non-residential Move the interpreter , drew attention to this situation in the future will lead to big problems . Move the \"Trabzon Arab investors or tourists, making purchases in some circles or blocks. 3-5 for a larger family of investors from Muslim countries even 7-8 can receive multiple dwelling . Usually Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait , Iran and from countries like Dubai are buying it. But mainly Saudi nationals doing intake. However, our region has the problem interpreter in the real estate sector. Sales are generally made ​​with interpreters clock. intermediation and reliability of interpreters here is very important. interpreters authority and the industry in general knowledge though they are not real estate marketing jobs comes in. These are generally some of the cuts knowing studying Arabic origin students or Arabic in universities. here these constraints, for example, can say as the price of a topic that is 300 thousand TL 400 thousand. they get big difference is in the commission , \"he said . < br/> Foreign investors , intermediaries and interpreters of the high price of indicating whether the feeling that deceived them when he learned he was doing sales Motor said, \"We start to see these tourists as money. Indigenous different , different prices undermines trust foreign elements . If he learns that the exorbitant price of housing sold investors can leave this money it receives half the price of the property , if necessary. If we continue to do it that way , just as we have in the past Russian tourists Arab tourists can also dissatisfy dissatisfy . After the USSR's collapse opened the doors of the Russian timely trade when done wrong , we missed from wrong. Arab investors do not want to do the same behavior. Previously trades when the Russians pulled Trabzon we missed this very great distress. Our desire is to provide continuity of sales not do the same mistake about it. If we miss our best that we here have an American investor can not invest in a European to come , \"he said .
\"I appeal to friends Builders . Be very careful interpreter of the vehicle , \"said Stone ,\"which Trabzon Trabzon from different regions outside and what people who are not certain they are who they are Arabic speaking . Said the same thing in all sectors. Interpreters do not just think of the money in the trust's work will be unfairly . This also goes back to a place somewhere clogged and damaged it all Trabzon . In this sense, rather than some interpreters prefer not certain what happened outside interpreter can keep in-house. Even shopping can provide the opportunity to send their staff to their Arabic course more reliable , \"he said.

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