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  • 21 Eylül 2014, Pazar 13:29

Importance of First Aid in Traffic Accidents

Importance of First Aid in Traffic Accidents
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Medical Park Hospital Chief of Trabzon and the Brain and Spinal Cord Nerve Surgery Specialist Op.

Trabzon news: Medical Park Hospital Chief of Trabzon and the Brain and Spinal Cord Nerve Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Ahmet minister promised, the victim of a head injury in the first aid in the unconscious can cause permanent neurological damage , he noted .
first aid is very important in traffic accidents indicating that the minister promised, to be conscious after the accident first aid can save lives , he said. The victim should not be moved after the accident said Dr. Minister promised , \"In such cases, the patient's breathing should be checked and should not be moved . Unconscious aid , the patient may cause damage that can not be resolved ,\"he said .
Voicing head injuries examined in two parts , Dr. Minister promised, hitting the windshield in traffic accidents at sea crash to the ground , falling on his head as a result of which we can classify as common open or closed head injuries. Open head injuries, injuries necessary dressing can be made ​​visible . If possible high of 30 degrees per half-sitting position of the patient, is transported to the hospital . If light red bleeding from the ear or nose or clear liquid with blood coming together , this is the cerebrospinal fluid . In this case, severe head injuries , fractures often occur. In such cases, bleeding nose or ear outflow is achieved by placing a loose dressing . Absolutely buffer will be made. If cerebrospinal fluid from the ear if, dressing after placing injured or over the ear facing tilted and transported to the hospital , \"he said.
Closed head injuries, while a visible injury, and that the hitting, shock , drop, after a military coup or high blood pressure in people who could emerge expressed by Dr. minister promised, in this case the patient's consciousness is turned off, leaning on one side when conscious, head high to be admitted to the hospital must be taken , he said. closed head injury symptoms describing Dr. Ahmet minister promised, he continued:
closed head injuries sudden onset of headache , dizziness or ringing in the ears , arm or leg , tingling , numbness, progressive weakness, paralysis , unjust drowsiness, speech impediment , pointless conversations, loss of consciousness , loss of consciousness, slowed breathing , sighs , audible breathing , accelerated and slowed breathing , changes in heart rate , a rise in body temperature , bleeding progresses, differences in the size of the pupils , double vision , blurred vision symptoms such as arise. If one or more of these symptoms appear , the patient should be immediately taken to the hospital \"

Importance of First Aid in Traffic Accidents" comments for.


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