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  • 09 Temmuz 2014, Çarşamba 15:42

Importance Wins City Council

Importance Wins City Council
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Gaziantep City Council Secretary General Necati riders , \"now living in the city can express their view on the city council of the city are the most extreme ,\"he said .

Gaziantep news: Gaziantep City Council Secretary General Necati riders , \"now living in urban areas of the city on can express their view at the fringes of city councils ,\"he said .
Turkey Urban Councils Association Vice President and Gaziantep City Council Secretary General Necati rider , living in the city the government have a say the way stated that the city council passed through .
in 52 cities throughout Turkey as of now and in the city council's 119 counties . General meeting will be held in the coming days selective and executive would be elected president . Then the city council executive committee, working groups and councils elections will take place.
The Ministry of Interior was enacted in 2006 With a circular city councils is necessary for establishing reminiscent of the Secretary-General of the riders , said:
\"the Ministry of Interior with the decision of many of the city council began. Gaziantep also is one of them . upcoming period the European Union in the process of urban local and decentralized management quickly to take steps our government , in this case, a quick step was.
now living in urban areas of the city on can express their view the end point of city councils . this sense, we are Turkey Urban councils Association on behalf of the rapid regional meetings will be carried out . these regional meetings of us requested assistance shall have done . town councils in areas with no establishment will provide. because the Ministry of Interior inspectors, the governor controls when they come to town councils in an audit they're performing . Therefore, our mayor on this issue must be sensitive systems. \"
City councils to disseminate the duration of studies indicating that the rider , the description said:
\"The next meeting more accurate , fast and functioning more intense city council about creating our cities every we will give the necessary support and assistance . Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality of statutes need to know that our president made ​​some preparation . General meeting in Gaziantep city council will do it again . Selective at the general meeting of the city council and the executive committee of the city council will be elected president . Currently there are some friends mentioned by name in the public Gaziantep . These individuals will show whether the General Assembly . Download the general rules of jurisdiction here . General Assembly members when determining the mayor particular rules specified in this context the general meeting to be invited for the plenary hopefully choose the right one by the president and executive committee selecting the Gaziantep us up where we left Gaziantep City Council in the past served from friends better drive a point for their we will support them . Now living in the city of Gaziantep have a say in management becoming a city is moving at a rapid pace . People, issues raised could and solutions to our municipalities and capable of transmitting situation that may come . \"
County municipalities , the city council thought of building should be in stating Necati riders , the relevant municipalities all kinds of support could give it noted.

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