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  • 30 Ağustos 2013, Cuma 12:42

Important announcement! Clean your computer from malicious software

Important announcement! Clean your computer from malicious software
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Get rid of the ads you see wandering around on the internet inappropriately.

our dear fans we sometimes e-mail, by phone, in person, sometimes by calling web sites (samanyoluhaber.comdahil) stated that they see on their risque ads that can guide you have to explain.

as First broadcast in Turkey, one of the Sticky Thread to known websites that you see in your broadcasting advertising banners . So how is it that every time you enter the Internet experience through these images?

The answer is simple.

these ads on their computers/browsers, due to malicious software have been settled.

downloaded a program on the Internet, some of the tabs you click on a malicious web sites, letting some applications/plug-ins .. . All of your computer or your browser 'so to speak, by enslaving' you want the fields of advertising images can be shown.

IAB International Advertising Association advertising market is now also becoming a threat was made a statement about the situation. You to clean your computer is recommended that you follow the following way:

"This is the reason of infection by malicious software to the computer's web browser you are using (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, etc.). can be. established, and thus the web browser as an add-on malware"inappropriate"ads, visiting some of the sites are displayed. settings menu in your web browser to get rid of this situation, plug-ins section, entering will need to delete all the plugins you do not know."

Here malicious plug-ins are described by the IAB ( definitely lowered or if cleaned):

Vid-Saver 0.91.102

AddictThing 4.0

Browser Companion Helper 1.0.5

Save To Browse


Continue To Save


CouponDropDown Plugin 0.91.5

DropinSavings 0.91.113

I Want This 0.91.135



SaveByClick 4.0

SaveIt 4.0

SsaaveE! Noww 04.03

YTD Toolbar 7.0

clear your browser by clicking on the following address these malicious plug-ins:

Sticky Thread Sticky

for Chrome:


Important announcement! Clean your computer from malicious software" comments for.


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