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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 10:28

Important Detection of Yaşar University

Important Detection of Yaşar University
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8.5 million people with disabilities living in Turkey is cited as the biggest problem of unemployment .

İzmir news: 8.5 million people with disabilities living in Turkey is cited as the biggest problem of unemployment . Find a place 2 per cent in total employment of disabled citizens are being forced to work in unskilled jobs .
in Turkey in recent years, individuals with disabilities with the public to engage targets many projects are dropped, the employers'close to 70 percent of the employment of the disabled only legal obligation that he saw as expressing Yasar University Department of Economics Lecturer Asst. Dr. . Sprinkled Hero, \"The world's so many developed countries as well as positive or negative discrimination of any kind without the need for individuals with disabilities equal rights and conditions for both business and in social life possible ,\"he said .
Asst. Dr. . Sprinkled Heroes , Family and Social Policies Ministry to the research , nearly 24 million people in total employment disabilities share only 2.1 per cent level that drew attention.
In Turkey employer's disability employment perspectives for assessing the Hero, said:\"in Turkey, companies individuals with disabilities to employ reason we look at ; 66 percent a legal requirement , 24 percent of the social responsibility and only 10 percent of fitness for work qualifies as what we see . disability employment of the reasons for not we look at the firms , 48 percent quotas under the number of employees , 31 of the industry is not suitable , and 11 per cent disability application , citing that there shows . But disabled individuals employment opportunity employers allowing disabled individuals to work determination and dedication with firm performance contributed to the increase that they said. disabled individuals'health, social services and especially in the manufacturing industry rather be employed in unskilled jobs they are seen . However, the labor involved in the training they receive a very small proportion of people with disabilities are working in the area . \"
in Turkey, level of education , including vocational training of disabled individuals of increasing unemployment not cure underlines the Dr. Serpil Hero, Turkey and the world of the disabled in employment shares to increase the applied method for said:
\"employment of disabled individuals share to increase the applied methods; quota regime , work discrimination law , which is considered suitable for the disabled , in other words , segregated work, sheltered workshops and vocational rehabilitation and employment of disabled people in government incentives to encourage possible to sort . A government grant that best practice is the Netherlands, which have completely removed country quota system . Firms in our country , to increase the share of employment of individuals with disabilities , especially the ease of tax cuts and reductions in energy costs that they expect many more like we see cost-cutting incentives . However, as a result, increasing the share of employment participation of disabled individuals only , not for the disabled in society to be more positive attitudes and behaviors'awareness'that creates the most effective ways to increase efficiency . For example, the provision of access to participation in employment in the workplace , workplace conditions made ​​available to individuals with disabilities may be an important step . What is important positive nor negative discrimination of any kind without need for individuals with disabilities have equal rights and conditions of social life to ensure their participation . \"
Family and Social Policy Ministry's research with disabilities for work and job classification rates as follows:< br/>-unskilled Jobs in Sales and Service Workers:29.8 percent
-office staff:24.5 percent
-Customer Service:6.9 percent
-C company Managers:Train to 0.8 percent
-Related Professionals:0.3 percent
-Life and health Related Professionals:0.3 percent
-Natural Sciences and Related Professionals:1.7 percent

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