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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 11:20

Important disease can be a symptom of anemia

Important disease can be a symptom of anemia
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Kayseri from the Department of Internal Medicine, Memorial Hospital Dist.

Kayseri news: Kayseri from the Department of Internal Medicine, Memorial Hospital Dist. Dr.. Tugba Zeynep Ozdemir,"Today, from the beginning of the most common health problems, including anemia, particularly stomach and intestinal cancer can be a very important symptom of the disease,"he said.
Kayseri Memorial Hospital, Department of Internal Medicine Dist. Dr.. Zeynep Tugba Ozdemir,"childbearing age women in the iron increased need for pregnant and breastfeeding those children, long-term pain relief and aspirin areas of high anemia risk group. Anemia of 90%, the most common cause of iron deficiency although women and children have the greatest effect. World in women, incidence a 30-40% while in men is about 20%. bleeding due to iron deficiency, vitamin B 12 or folic acid deficiency anemia can develop. anemia, sometimes the man in the stomach, bowel and prostate cancers in women with uterine cancer symptom may. For this reason, anemia simple as a disease nitelendirilmeyip necessarily the underlying cause should be investigated. Adult males 13gr/dl, women 12gr/dl, 6m-6yaş in children aged 11gr/dl and 6-In children between the ages of 14 12gr/dl 's anemia hemoglobin values ​​below indicate,"he said.
Dist. Dr.. Zeynep Tugba Ozdemir,"Anemia is usually asymptomatic and routine health checks carried out in blood assays, emerging diagnosed which is a health problem. Disease has advanced to the individuals weakness, fatigue, palpitations, rim cracks, nail deformity, hair loss on land or ice get out there is like eating complaints. Iron deficiency in children with speech delays in the walk-living-learning difficulties are seen. B 12 anemia B 12 vitamin deficiency arises. Leg-hand and feet numbness, yellow and blue color associated with blindness, swollen sore tongue, weight loss, blackened skin, diarrhea, insomnia, depressed mood most important are the signs saying"these gave information:
"dietary small amount of iron intake, the body in the absorption decrease or chronic bleeding (bleeding hemorrhoids, stomach or intestinal ulcers, cancer, heavy menstrual bleeding included) as a result of iron deficiency may develop. chronic alcohol intake, goat's milk fed infants bowel diseases, epilepsy, cancer, drug use, birth control pills in the use of iron deficiency can be seen. B12 deficiency in vegetarians, intestinal bacterial overgrowth, some cancer patients, stomach discomfort is observed.
iron deficiency, balanced and healthy diet, regular drug use should be treated with. Iron tablets on an empty stomach should be taken, milk and dairy products should not be combined. Body iron stores filled to at least 6 months of treatment should be considered. Doctors determined by the treatment program should be implemented medications without consulting a doctor should not be interrupted.
iron deficiency to avoid one-sided feeding should be avoided, especially organ meats, fish, dried apricots, dried legumes, fresh fruits and vegetables in sufficient quantity to be consumed. vitamin C, iron from the intestine increases the absorption of abundance for should be consumed. caffeinated beverages, milk and bran while reduce iron absorption often because it should not be consumed. B 12 vitamin for the production of red blood cells in the bone marrow is required and the lack of which leads to anemia."

Important disease can be a symptom of anemia" comments for.


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