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  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 17:33

Important in Manisa Public Transportation and Traffic Regulations

Important in Manisa Public Transportation and Traffic Regulations
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Manisa Municipality Transportation Coordination Center ( UKOME ) General Assembly was held in October .

Manisa news: After the meeting, the decisions provide information about Metropolitan Transportation Department Head of the Believers sea , urban public transport , two new lines have been added, OSB ring application was brought , Muradian campus related arrangements had been made and some of the streets and divided roads, urban speed limits be increased announces .
October UKOME Ordinary General Meeting was held under the chairmanship of Deputy Secretary General , Fuad long . In the General Assembly urban speed limits and public transport routes, important decisions were made .
Decisions providing information about the Metropolitan Transportation Department Head of the Believers Sea , \"New Car Terminal connections and ensure the terminal of passengers to the city center to carry the name of the current line in our we've made improvements . Specialty public buses ninth line is not enough in areas where new lines have created . these lines 10 and 11 lines form the second line occurs. 10th line starting point of our new intercity bus terminal , our . then Halil Erdogan Street, Government Hospital junction , Avenue of the Republic , then the Magnolia Square is undergoing . at this point, a new decision was made. central junction called the Magnolia Square Crossroads of the Sultan in front outgoing and one-way roads with two-way opening came to the conclusion . contrast traffic etching and signaling regulation after the completion of this road after rallying open to direct our line of 10 will spend the passage towards the Sultan Mosque . Therefore, shortening the line and not to increase density at the crossroads Ulupark name and on behalf of relieving traffic safety is an application that we do . Thus Sultan outbidding , then Izmir Street, ANN crossroads of Mimar Sinan Boulevard, Uncubozköy and Keçiliköy going towards the direction . Come back from there again this residential area until we reach the hospital by Hafsa Sultan . Our main goal here as soon as possible in intercity bus terminal and go to the hospital to transport citizens and students . Return will be on the same route , \"he said .
11 new bus terminal and the connection line that expressed the believers Sea, \"11 . lines Livestock Exchange begins from there . Turgutlu Street continues and Mehmetcik Street, Government Hospital junction , Kuşlubahçe and intercity bus terminal in the passenger fails to neighborhoods fore we get regions to circulate through these services that our line will perform , \"he said .
Manisa Organized Industrial Zone (OSB ) is an arrangement within the Marine said , \"Previously, our 1st and 2nd line in the OSB was using a very long route . They caused a loss of time and the decrease in vehicle capacity , standing in the carriage of passengers was going to oblige . In order to alleviate this a little more we put the ring line . OSB for lines 1 and 2 in the mosque were made at the point of transfer stations . From there, passengers will ride descending rings and OSB line in our other tools will make them move on designated routes . Our complete line of OSB will wander back to the market in a short time and vehicles to capacity building is concerned . Standing passengers in this way to reduce're working , \"he said .
Muradian campus vehicles on the regulations noted that the Sea, \"That our students will serve a route . They already serve this route before , but he made ​​partial arrangements for students abroad , faculty have identified a mistake to be around in a short time . CBU campus before our car from the garage to the garage had to be related to transport D4 . Construct and then come to an end because the victims D4 Lack permit for the route again and we allow them to work on this route . Therefore, they move again, this route inter-city bus terminal in a line will continue to go up . Related to the public transport system believe that such a system . Whatever our past urban public transport system Muradian campus vehicles by entering a similar system, we are planning to provide public transportation services . In this respect our work is continuing, \"he said .
SPEED LIMITS increase in
urban speed limits traffic regulations change in inflation is concerned , voicing believers Sea, \"Mimar Sinan Boulevard'Gediz bridge with the new ring road junction divided between monuments speed limit on the road earlier application in cars , 70 trucks and busses while it was 60 kilometers . We have evaluated this issue in ukome . Speed ​​limits for cars and trucks at Mimar Sinan boulevard 70 to 80 , 60 to 70 kilometers for trucks and buses have been removed to speed . Turgutlu-Manisa road to link such an application in the same way again . Menemen Manisa province road bridge in connection with the Karachay way intersection between Ingolstadt Boulevard , was sent to the same mileage rate . Organized Industrial Zone and Morphou in the neighborhoods there are also divided roads . In the divided highway speed limits around for cars and trucks , while 50 to 70 kilometers , 50 kilometers in trucks and buses has been increased to 60 , \"he said .


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