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  • 20 Aralık 2013, Cuma 14:36

Important Regular follow-up during pregnancy

Important Regular follow-up during pregnancy
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Radiologist Dr..

Ordu news: Radiologist Dr.. Güldem to Rump, requested from the period of pregnancy and during pregnancy, mothers of monitored regularly made safer provides a healthy way to have a baby, he said. Detailed ultrasound scan abnormalities
ie mothers to their babies during pregnancy, indicating that the most significant investigations Army Medical Park Hospital, Radiology Specialist Dr. Güldem Rump his statement,"Every pregnant woman to average 18-23. Weeks from done. Anomaly scan main objective in the development of the baby and of the organs is healthy at an advanced level is to control. Approximately 30 minutes will last an ultrasound scan kidir. Surely by experienced people are needed. Ultrasonography baby's hand and toes, legs and arms, the heart chambers, valves, walls, vessel entry and exit of whether it was right, stomach, intestines, kidneys, bladder, abdominal wall, bones of the face, lips and nasal anatomy, palate, ears, brain and cerebellum development, brain cavities backbone system, including the entire organs in detail will be assessed. any disability or absence of controlled and detailed final report will be given. Moreover in the same session for your baby anomaly screening test when the test has finished, your baby has been scanned and is healthy after being on 4-dimensional ultrasonography can be done,"he said .
mothers dream of all non-physical or structural defects is an expression that babies bring Exp. Dr.. Güldem Rump,"the baby's appearance physically affect or organ and system operation disrupts any kind of disability and impairment of fetal anomaly diagnosis is covered. Present to indicate it is important that advanced maternal age, kinship marriages and of identical twins, fetal anomalies likely to be seen is increasing. These genetic effects outside anyway mother during pregnancy formations, drugs and body receives X-rays, recurrent miscarriages is very important. For this reason, anomaly scan, a detailed ultrasound every pregnancy, mothers should undergo the most significant investigations,"he said.

Important Regular follow-up during pregnancy" comments for.


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