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  • 14 Aralık 2013, Cumartesi 08:35

Improve your child to be able Intelligence Tricks

Improve your child to be able Intelligence Tricks
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Acibadem Hospital, Ankara Children's Health and Disease Specialist Dr..

Ankara news: Acibadem Hospital, Ankara Children's Health and Disease Specialist Dr.. Reyhan Erol Güler, touching, smiling, looking at your face and a calm tone of her songs tell interacting spending time came into the world from the first moment your baby's intelligence makes the most significant investment that drew attention.
parents, the children who want to be healthy, intelligent, of course. Nutrition from the body to the vaccination schedule to protect their health while many point to note their intelligence efforts in the direction of the developer does not hold back. Getting toys for it, develop intelligence indicated that dinletiliy music, and even television is izletiliy. Love, trust and mutual interaction in the development of children's intelligence work, explaining that much more than expensive toys Child Health and Disease Specialist Dr.. Reyhan Erol Güler, be curious about it explained.
DR. Guler, our brains millions of neurons that and mental development, these neurons made between connections, so synapses defined as a stating"Synapse increase in the number of children how much stimulus received about what. However, it should be considered has a point. Because research, intelligence increases the most important factors of the interaction shows that. So the stimulus is a toy and a sound system or the screen not arrive mutual supposed to be. This process is actually the mother during pregnancy begins,"he said.
brain development, a large portion of pregnancy-induced explaining Dr. Erol, the following recommendations found in:
"mothers regular health should be checked. Adequate and balanced diet should pay attention. Folic acid and omega deficiency, if any, should be supplemented. However, these materials lack or excess of taking damage caused can not be forgotten. Baby brain development negatively affects alcohol and cigarette consumption should be avoided. Mothers candidate stress free as possible should avoid. During this period, quiet, peaceful and safe environment is of great importance. baby's touch, taste and hearing his mother's womb, is improving. Mothers hand on her belly putting their babies chatting and laughing with that secrete the hormone of happiness baby is affected."
BREASTFEEDING most valuable treasure
baby came into the world from the time of the development of intelligence that enhances other factors breastfeeding pointed out that"Breastfeeding is a very important capital, got to use it well,"said Dr.. Erol eye contact with the mother of the baby is sucking, interact more positively from the first moment, he said.
This touch in the brain that help improve blood flow and save the synapses Dr. Erol said:
"6-8 month old baby in the trillions of synapses occurs. Researches breastfeeding effect of the support nature. Indeed, this children's school performance breastfed compared to those who have much more said. During this period, unmissable gold opportunities of the mother's baby while nursing a calm voice to speak with.
First a two-month period, infants viewing distance of 20 cm around. baby at this distance holding out the"mmmm, ooo"sound like the response to be given a 3-4 month gestures and facial expressions of the also using the book to read, de-de, ma-ma, such as syllables to be repeated in the mirror baktırılarak their face that does not detect it with the image interact, ensuring ce-a-boo game or splashy splashy boatman in this period made those proposed in between."

the good functioning of the thyroid gland leads to mental retardation because the baby after birth blood samples from the heels evaluation pointed out that the importance of DR. Erol,"Iron deficiency anemia in children with behavioral problems increased and affect school success, it said. Contemplated a point of sleep. Often wakes up and the deep sleep phase does not pass the children's school success is low is observed. Because deep sleep the brain a rest and growth provides,"said . 0-2

Intelligence negatively affecting the television, especially in the first years of life among children should not be in the world. In the first two years of the completion of 70 to 80 percent of the brain indicating that the DR. Erol"Intelligence be done to improve things necessarily money be expensive, does not have to. Read a book and your child away from the television and hold. Than two years old then the maximum daily one-hour television izlettirin. This mutual interaction will have to be aware that. So your child followed chat about anything Please, ask questions, wait for an answer,"he said.
"for the first three years of language learning is known as a golden period. child possible to learn three or four languages. Yet here we have to be careful what you wish for the child,"said Dr.. Reyhan Erol, at this point parents often do a wrong pointing to the"Children's warnings from the need to pay attention. Parents, children clever saying you get them from the course to the course scuttle, brain development techniques leads. Meanwhile, eye contact or interaction taken the opportunity not. Children sometimes these activities in the morning forced waking up is being taken. positive thing to do when attempting child stress tucks. stress of children negatively affects you. my child for the sake of doing them I wonder if I need to. child's individual is an individual, its also a voice that should not forget. you seven month old baby dinner on your own eating efforts to support the hand spoon if you give them the confidence and intelligence to develop a much more important things you will do,"he said.
let you touch
Children first After the age of the world paid attention to familiar orally. Erol"Therefore get their hands on everything they have in their mouth they're taking. This information to the brain is being transferred. Parents hygiene fear often this process disrupts the brain development adversely affect. Child's security will not jeopardize the way, everything you touch is allowed to her great benefit. At this age, the toys of the children entering the world. wooden spoon, carpenters built wooden cubes, expensive toys do much more than doing their imaginations to develop offers. Again in this period everything say"no"to the development of children blocking"he said.

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