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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 10:30

\"In 2014, the export figures for January-October period \"

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Explaining the export figures of the January-October period of 2014 GAİB Coordinator President Abdulkadir predicament 7 billion 369 million by stating that 819 thousand dollars of exports recorded in Gaziantep in 2014 January-October period of 5 billion 419 million 891 thousand dollars in exports to Turkey he explained that most exports remained the sixth province.

Gaziantep news: Photo Southeastern Anatolia Exporters Union Chairman Abdulkadir predicament in his statement made ​​the following assessment:Photo \"Birliklerimiz of the 2014 January-October period , 3.2 percent compared to the same period of 2013. The total decrease of 7 billion 369 million 819 thousand dollar export registration has been taken in . in the same period , other Exporters'Association on behalf of were the total 681 million 746 thousand dollars of export record. Thus, our Union export record transaction volume , percentage of 1.1 percent to 8 billion 51 million 565 has been thousand dollars. \"< br/> 185 cOUNTRIES tHE eXPORT TO MIDDLE EAST fIRST CUT Abdulkadir Photo President predicament in his statement said that Middle Eastern countries so 59,7'lik shares first place , \"our region exports in the Middle East countries , 59 percent , to take first place with 7 share , the EU countries in the second and African countries with 16.3 percent share in third with 8.8 percent share . have been carried exporting a total of 185 countries , Iraq from these countries , Syria, Saudi Arabia , USA, Italy Iran, Germany, Britain, Libya and the countries involved in the first place of export in our region Belgium \"shared knowledge . Photo GAİB Coordinator Head Dilemma , most exports description by providing information about products made continued:Photo \"by our Union exports of carpets, fabrics, yarns, confectionery products, plastics and products, grain mill products , vegetable oils, iron and steel products, outerwear and other food preparations of our most exports were the products carried . \"Photo \"GAZİANTEP wAS cLIMBING a eXPORT \"Photo Southeastern Anatolia Region of exports in driving force that escalated in the export of Gaziantep undertaking that draws attention to GAİB Coordinator President Abdulkadir predicament \"of our region locomotive province of Gaziantep, January 2014-October period of 5 Turkey's exports billion 419 million 891 thousand dollars in exports which keeps its place in the sixth province of location. Carpet, grain-pulses, oilseeds and products, textiles and raw materials , chemicals , iron and non-ferrous metals are the leading sectors in the export of our city , \"he said.
\" CONTINUE searching for new markets \"< br/> Deadlock President pointed out that the advent of the export culture in the region, pointing out that an intensive study carried out for new markets , especially the US, Africa, Russia and the Far the East at given concentrations in publicity and awareness-raising activities , added the promotion group added that almost commuting to these areas .

\"In 2014, the export figures for January-October period \"" comments for.


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