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  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 16:00

In 2015, the Metropolitan Municipality Project Comes to Life

In 2015, the Metropolitan Municipality Project Comes to Life
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Balikesir Mayor A.

Balıkesir news: Edip Ugur, 25th Regional Directorate of State Hydraulic Works visited. DSI Regional Director and assistant attending the meeting which was attended by President Ugur, Balıkesir Municipality's prestige projects'Tea Stream Improvement'was briefed about the project . Mayor A. Edip Ugur, project tender until December completion and finally the late March-April 2015, the first digging hit announced that they wanted .
Mayor A. Edip Ugur, DSI 25th Regional Directorate visited. During the visit recently in his office met with the Regional Director Erol Şenöz Edip Ugur, then Deputy Director of DSI Regional Municipality and the relevant Head of Department also participated in the meeting were present . Here, the Metropolitan Municipality of Coffee Creek Correctional detailed information about the project area Ugur president , said they wanted to shoot in the spring digging . DSI Regional Director of the project and the tender process the latest information about the field of President Ugur, \"We want to Balıkesir beautiful things get . A Coffee Creek there , breeding the place of less certain . Us consider where we together with two thousand 200 meters vicinity . DSI support are welcome. until December project tender to be completed at the latest march-in April, digging we shoot we want, \"he said.
President Ugur, in the winter season 30 meter wide river, section stated that they expect the stream rehabilitation in the water from the trees taken at the time of the roots of trees with detachable relocation of the process will take place for it from Ankara special machines be noted that . Youth Center from the future, the vegetable-fruit version of the highway with removed stating that Mayor A. Edip Ugur, recreation ( eğlendinl the ) work to be done in the area of citizens cozy will both relax and sports they can do and have fun all things being considered , hiking trails and water of natural greenery around the area will be reported. President Ugur, \"Hal gets up , the way the leaves . State-related projects have the animal market there are stone. Rash place (heavy industrial zone) urban transformation or otherwise clean green into a field will bring. Railway and road bridges have highway bridge will remove . Vehicles can not enter . , but pedestrian crossings will be made of wood beautiful bridges will do, \"he said.
by cable car ÇAMLIK < strong> HELICOPTER wITH ISTANBUL
Metropolitan Municipality President A. Edip Ugur, Coffee Creek Correctional point of departure of the cable car will take place in the area , there will be intervals of 200 meters with direct cable car reaches the summerhouse said. President Ugur also Balıkesir Balıkesir Municipality as a helicopter for those who want to go on a daily basis-will return to Istanbul announced that they will offer an opportunity . Mayor A. Edip Ugur, \"The cable car will be made, 200 meters direct to be done. Projects are prepared we are . Summerhouse from here , this place is also the cable car, the starting point will be . Here the cable car ride when summerhouse would be called. Too crude a project . We want immediately trees there Sokelem , way close it , make it so . until 2015 they have finished let . municipality whose locations along municipal non-pigsty place the urban transformation with a plan green space will do. Orphaned places I have stayed , breeding , after all , all people benefit I would . Amusement Park also get a cultural center get . sprinkling pools will be . Kayak, boat and pier will be . spousal going to the bride and groom before coming here taking pictures will . cable car ride will summerhouse will be going . helicopter will take ; helicopter with the bride and groom will travel around Balıkesir . want to go to Istanbul and Istanbul will go to the helicopter . Ladies will go to the helicopter from Balıkesir Maslak, Istanbul , whether the exchange can be returned immediately . They will be , \"he said .
TEA in the stream 2nd STAGE
Mayor A. Edip Ugur, Regional Directorates of DSI in the meeting, Tea Creek Improvement project Phase 2 of the Basri from the hotel it would be backwards , where walking and cycling paths in the area said they would do . Ugur, \"Başçeşme toddler citizens from there to here include tea and coffee , you can go back again . Very good things will happen , \"he said .
DSI Regional Director Erol Şenöz investment program to Ankara proposed that the Ministry, after the approval of the project tender will go the DS as a project to contribute their best to offer support said they would . Erol Şenöz project tender following the work done with the project to adapt the Metropolitan Municipality landscape architects collaborate with conduct , he said.
necessary correspondence makes noted that DSI Regional Director Erol Şenöz , \"All these things motorway worthy things . Metropolitan Mayor would like to thank Mr. Edip Ugur . We as an institution we can show support will continue , \"he said .
Coffee Creek Correctional project will take place in the area of the creek with permanent water source in order to establish a special study will be conducted were reported .
Mayor A. Edip Ugur, \"Our stream rehabilitation project of the splendid , will be better , \"he studies soon began to conclude the instructions , while DSI Regional Office and the Metropolitan Municipality's team to their meticulous efforts due thanked .


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