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In addition Preferences Scholarship

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Flat Istanbul University, Faculty of Business and Management in additional preferred in all departments provide scholarship support to 75 percent .

Flat Istanbul University, Faculty of Business and Management in additional preferred in all departments provide scholarship support to 75 percent .
Turkey will manage the individual raising that set off to Istanbul Real University, Business and Management Sciences located within the five sections with the additional preferences in the period for candidates 75 percent scholarship to provide support .
Business Administration, Political Science, International Trade, International Logistics and Trade , Banking and Finance on matters which concern the administrative structure of Turkey such as industry training individuals Flat Istanbul University in the new academic year, which can not be settled in any program or opens the doors to prefer candidates who are not on . Turkey pointed out that the difficult task of managing Flat Istanbul University , Dean of the Faculty of Business and Management Dr. Believers Erturk schools located within the section as follows explained:\"The public sector and the private sector in Turkey with management aspire candidates are trained. Foreign policy, budgets , local authority Turkey will manage a section, Public Administration and Political Science department , especially Business International Logistics and International Trade department of Turkey's entire private sector to manage the personnel are trained. Property section of Turkey's economy actors all the businesses to manage the business , marketing , finance, accounting and business all will manage all business functions dominate the managers towards training is a part . Turkey growing economy and population, still in this region of strategic importance and growing is a country . such a country's economy will manage to train staff of the International Trade department is the duty of . country's foreign trade and economy, easy to manage is not a job . Expertise level this subject well known elements are needed . Here is the task of the foreign trade department is to train personnel to manage this economy . Although there are also more specialized in foreign trade in the field of International Logistics is a very important part in our department . While growing up in a country elements are needed to carry out logistics activities . \"
Institute of Social Sciences also received a large number of applications Ertürk stated that ,\"Our Institute of Social Sciences master's and doctoral programs are carried out . This is despite a large number of new requests received . Anywhere in the world where a major brand, MBA Program is being implemented. Thesis and non-formal and distance education , including training , \"he said . Undergraduate education in education alone is not enough emphasized Ertürk, candidates graduate to study warned .
And faculties as language training importance stating that they Ertürk, \"to establish relations with the world in an easterly one language in addition to English should know better . We have created language classes to students with the best way we try to teach it , \"he said .

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