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  • 26 Ekim 2014, Pazar 11:19

In Beyşehir Neighborhood Council Meetings in Progress

In Beyşehir Neighborhood Council Meetings in Progress
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Konya Mayor Murat Özaltın Beysehir District Neighborhood Council Meeting within the scope of the newborn were met with neighborhood residents .

Konya news: Konya Mayor Murat Özaltın Beysehir District Neighborhood Council Meeting within the scope of the newborn were met with neighborhood residents . Newborn Photo Neighborhood Council Meeting held in the neighborhood of the Deputy Mayor Kamil Göksun , joined councilors and unit managers . Newborn neighborhood from God for those who lost their lives due to poisoning fungus occurred in week grace , their families and expressed its condolences to the Newborns President Özaltın , fungi found in the speedy recovery wishes to the citizens being treated in various hospitals due to poisoning . Stimuli Özaltın citizens against poisoning Photo Mushrooms \"Let us please more careful about it. for a while everyone reach you regarding the ingestion of mushrooms collected from the land , because we do not want more damage than you loved ones ,\"he said . Photo Newborn people intensive program which attracts residents of the problems one by one listens to President Özaltın , from problems in the newborn neighborhood to the respective unit managers in the demand line gave instructions about resolving as soon as possible .
President Özaltın made ​​in the neighborhood of speech and gave place to the following types of studies:Photo \"Yenidoğan unbecoming of aquatic ecosystems in many derelict buildings There was , we realized the destruction of 20 buildings , starting from the first Yenidoğan derelict building demolition but there are about 10 more abandoned buildings need to be demolished. In the shortest time and visual pollution that pose hazards these buildings will be demolished . Newborn festival of'll make various improvements made ​​in the area until next festival , into the camellia , benches will offer the service of placing you . As you know, we start our citizens in need of home care services for the elderly and care . Our home attendant care unit with a total of four staff consisting of two women and two men are giving this service. Our team at certain periods of our citizens go to houses with the neighborhood headman of disrepair or greate doing both personal care and cleaning of the house. Newborn and other places we locked our stone work continues apace . Konya Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs Office:Beysehir established . Asphalt plant will bring to the place that is locked after installing interlocking pavers, stone by hot asphalt to other places Yenidoğan become a decent neighborhood and Beyşehir Konya . God bless our previous mayor tried to get service with limited facilities but thankfully, the new Law of Konya Metropolitan Municipality and the Municipality of taking services to all locations Beyşehir Beyşehir hand in hand . Guarantee of our future for our children is to improve the physical conditions of our schools to receive an education under better conditions would also work hard . Newborn our neighborhood schools will continue our work in this context. About changing the drinking water pipes has been awarded ASPES Konya Metropolitan Municipality Directorate General continues KOSKİ work. Konya Metropolitan Mayor Tahir Akyurek 2 years in the latest replacement of ASPES pipe, gave a talk about the renewal of plumbing ; hence the Yenidoğan in Beyşehir centers and other places will have this service in our second year. Newborn in the neighborhood after Doğanbey and Raisin Neighborhoods are establishing payment point. Now you can pay your property taxes and other tirelessly to Beyşehir here . Beyşehir gold with a team gold with all the neighborhood is preparing a 5 years. Thank you very much for your prayers and support that you've done for us , God bless you all ; Do not skimp us in your prayers in the next process of it. \"Photo Özaltın President , by thanking Newborn neighborhood that also showed their interest and support of the residents , said they would continue to work .

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