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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 16:06

In Bursa, Eskişehir Supporters Events Launches

In Bursa, Eskişehir Supporters Events Launches
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Bursaspor-Eskisehir Eskisehir fans arriving for the match , with a petrol station in the town of Bursa Inegeul and did some damage to vehicles .

Bursa news:
Inegeul Ankara and Bursa as a pedestrian walking on the road and are reported to be İnegöllü Yasin K. and K. Emre brothers , cruising the cottagers supporters began grinding the bus . Two brothers , fled after bus stones . 4 fans in the bus the cottagers , Fathoms operating oil at the site of junction bus stop in front of the office on the road . Road passing through the cruising vehicles kicking stones waving fans , and then the gas station was targeted .
TOOLS AND PETROLEUM office ransacked
side are the oil from the office of the fuel area by car, jeep de throwing stones hurt . The front-wheel drive jeep detonated a knife Mehmet Adıgüzel also supporters who harassed , and then kicking broke the windows of a gas station . Tools and petrol damaging the fans , buses , riding paths continued.
BUS to the stone-throwing youths Captured
Eskisehirspor fans where buses and threw stones allegedly Yasin K. and Emre M, by the gendarmerie caught . The incident , reflected second of petroleum office security cameras . Gendarmerie viewed security tapes . Involved in the events of the fans detection works.
Gas owner Lightning Karatekin , \"Bus descending from the crowd of vehicles damaging tried . Station entered our two vehicles vandalized . Incoming one driver and beaten , they also station our glass to the damage suffered. 4 busloads There were fans . two young I was angry crowd threw stones at buses, \"he said.


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