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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 12:37

In Erzurum Traffic Accident:1 dead , 4 injured

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Pain occurring in the district of Erzurum let one person was killed in a traffic accident , four people were injured .

Erzurum Pasinler occurring in the town in a traffic accident one person was killed , four others were injured .
According to reports , Khnous Erzurum heading to the exposure can've G. led 25 F 879 plate car, Epsem village of position at the crossroads of rotation Teyfik private employees of a private construction site . directed doblo type vehicle was hit 55 HR 5962 . Result of the multiplication of 25 K has 879 plate car somersault stockade . Female Bingol in automobile accidents killed , did the same in the vehicle and exposure can drive G., Presented Akansu , Hanif Hussein Akansu Küçükbingöl and wounded. The wounded from the scene in ambulances hospitals in Erzurum were being treated in .
The other hand, Female Bingol's corpse for an autopsy Pasinler State Hospital morgue has been removed.
About the incident Pasinler Gendarmerie depending on the order timlerin by the investigation was launched .

In Erzurum Traffic Accident:1 dead , 4 injured" comments for.


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