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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 15:43

In front of the Supreme Court of Justice \"Watch\"

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Officers convicted in the Sledgehammer case Nazlıoğlu lawyer Erol Sule , wearing robes before the Constitutional Court justice'vigil'began.

Sledgehammer case, the convicted officers'lawyer Sule Nazlıoğlu Erol his robes and wearing before the Constitutional Court justice'vigil'began.
Sledgehammer case officers'lawyer Sule Nazlıoğlu Erol robes wearing before the Constitutional Court justice'vigil'began. Sledgehammer's decision was upheld by the Supreme Court of the Special Court convicted the officer after the Constitutional Court had admitted to . For accelerating decision Erol , Sledgehammer case of the convicted individual applications will continue to act until adjudicated . Despite a rainy day in Ankara from the front of the Constitutional Court Tunceli deputy Kamer Genç , Reading Old Labour and Social Security Minister Yasar , Turkey Bar Association Vice President Av. Berra Besler , lawyers, Sledgehammer trial prisoners'families and citizens Erol backs .
Before the Constitutional Court made ​​a statement Turkey Bar Association Vice President of Besler , injustices to remedy wherein the applicant to support the decision came , said:\"Illegal fight against by Hululu state of functionality win. Turkey Bar Association , the rule of law , and of course the Bar as human rights and defend maintain law provides us with the duties and responsibilities are . Relinquishment of jurisdiction for renewal Turkey Bar Association utmost any application prepared and authorities offered. human rights in the important one of freedoms are under threat , \"he said .
Sledgehammer Case of the 16-year prison sentence and cancer because of illness discharged retired Rear Admiral Cem Aziz Cakmak Constitutional Court came in front of justice'vigil'backs .
\"If the humanity and conscience to leave a bite open the doors to these people ,\"he said while lighter Retired Rear Admiral:
\"I can not talk too long . I just want to say that . Injustice , lawlessness gave up I left them aside . Does no one left in humanity you. Would you like the lion gave a valiant in the ground . What else can you want . You know that these people are innocent . These people know that they were tricked . So, why do not you take your voice . Come on government , institutions can not remove the sound , I'm sworn to die for the sake of my people , why you're so insensitive . I also want to express offended . It is in the people inside . Vowed to give up their lives and all of them innocent as the day he was born from the mother . What is just what injustice injustice here , I'm here to remind humanity . I'm here to remind conscience . If this is not the humanity and conscience is no longer a bite of these people leave the doors open . \"
Lawyer Erol Sule Nazlıoğlu , before the Constitutional Court continues to wait in the rain .

In front of the Supreme Court of Justice \"Watch\"" comments for.


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