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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 16:23

In Gebze'The Conqueror'Edited Panel

In Gebze'The Conqueror'Edited Panel
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Gebze Fatih Sultan Mehmet organized by the Municipality of the 533 anniversary of the death of commemoration activities , history ended with the panel .

Kocaeli news: Gebze Fatih Sultan Mehmet organized by the Municipality of the 533 anniversary of the death of commemoration activities , history ended with the panel . Historians Şimşirgil Ahmet and Mehmet Fatih Sultan Mehmet Çelik was introduced to all aspects of the gebzeli .
carried out by the Municipality of Gebze 533 anniversary of the death of Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror in the memorial events , organized by date, the panel has ended . Gebze Town Square Cultural Center Hall, the panel held host Gebze Mayor Adnan Köşker as well as Gebze Governor Mehmet Arslan, AK Party Gebze District Chairman Cemaledin Cuffed , deputy mayors , municipal councilors and many history enthusiasts Gebzeli attended. < br/> moderated the panel chaired by historian Prof. Turgay Guler . Dr. . And Prof. ahmet Şimşirgil . Dr. . Steel Mehmet Fatih Sultan Mehmet's life, conquests , political and military genius of the striking information was shared with the guests . Panel before a short greeting speech of Gebze Mayor Adnan koshker , \"Our nation throughout history , history-shaping the course of history changed the leaders , commanders and worldwide great personalities raised . 533 years ago Gebze Our ​​Sultan's Meadow in the headquarters , who died in Fatih Sultan Mehmet these leaders in a very special place has . Conqueror to commemorate , understand it , our young people and our people to introduce and describe for Gebze fidelity is . Fatih Sultan Mehmet , indeed, emphasis on the importance and vision and thoughts on the deep assays to be done is human. Fatih's education, upbringing, the conquest of Istanbul and after the conquest, the politics , all matchless experience, \"he said.
end of his speech gebzeli the good news that Gebze Mayor Adnan koshker ,\"Conqueror of the death of the sultan's Meadow'in the hope of a big project in this period will implement . this project will Gebze date tourism and every year on May 3 Sultan's Meadow , will become a great place to visit . Fatih Sultan Mehmet Khan's tent designed with an understanding of the theme park will . Fatih Mehmed II and the conquest of the tent next to the functioning of the Cultural Center Complex and will build Otag Panorama \"he said.
Gebze Governor Mehmet Arslan ,\"our history , let's learn important personalities that shape our history . Our cedd us since our values ​​when we burn better find out. From the date of issuing the course , with a history of the nation is able to maintain its place on the world stage . In this regard, Gebze history of our heritage in holding an important place Fatih Sultan Mehmet recognition and towards future generations to transfer the data at the point of commemoration events leading municipal our president and his team once again congratulate you , \"he said .
Fatih Sultan Mehmet'Speaking at the date the panel Prof. Dr. . Ahmet Şimşirgil , \"each one of the Ottoman sultans were conquerors . Many places they ensure the growth of the state , adding to the Ottoman lands . However, we also Fatih Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror . He was engendering the praise of our Prophet . Babinger historian Franz came up with the alleged poisoning of Fatih . Is based on historical documents . Such a thing is not mentioned in any source . Conqueror's doctor, stating that it is reused Jacob Pasha allegedly poisoned his Conqueror came up . Fatih podagra time because of illness on the way to the Mamelukes Sultan's Meadow in Gebze Hakka walked in , \"he said .
A panel of other speakers Prof. Dr. . Mehmet Celik ,\"History is the memory of a nation . This is the starting point of our national memory and the conquest of Istanbul by Fatih Sultan Mehmet incident. 1500 year that ended an empire and medieval Close Fatih has a special place in the Ottoman Empire . History and heritage are the tissues that give identity to the city . Fatih Sultan Jahan passed away to the land of the most important building block of the historic identity of Gebze . It uncovers and has a history with commemorative events organized each year , the Gebze Mayor Adnan Köşker congratulate once again , \"he said .

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