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  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 17:45

In Hungary 400 years of Ottoman Fountain Restored by Tika

In Hungary 400 years of Ottoman Fountain Restored by Tika
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Hungarian town of Pecs in a historic 16th-century Ottoman fountain was restored by TIKA has re-opened .

Budapeşte news:
Istanbul in 2010 in Pecs , which is the cultural capital of Europe, with the period of Ottoman rule in the 16th century that Idris Baba Cesme , TICA and work together with the City of Pecs has been restored . Turkey's Ambassador to Hungary opening of the Ottoman fountain Shakir , Fakılı Mayor of Pecs Hungary Zsolt Pava and TICA Representative Pinar Ozcan made ​​together. Hungarian media and Pecs people also showed great interest Ottoman fountain opening Pecs people happy eyes that did not escape .
Turkey's Hungarian Ambassador Sakir Fakili in the description of Pecs city when it comes to this fountain, stone and soil stack that side every now when they are distressed , Pecs Municipal'At the initiative of and with the support of TIKA serious historical fountain stand up again , he said. Fakili also'Now our juices flowing fountain . They remember passing by the Turks of the Ottoman period . Turkey already brought water to Hungary , brought baths , bath brought , so cleaning with water, came together . This is a civilization . Revitalization of Turkish fountains very pleasant thing again , very happy'he said.
Mayor of Pecs Zsolt Pava , the town of Pecs in Hungary during the dominance of the Ottoman Empire was an important place , he said. Pava, Yakoval Hasan Paşa Mosque in the city of Pecs , Gazi Kasim Pasha Mosque and the tomb of Idris father operations are continuing to be restored by the TICA said. Hungarian Mayor , and Turkey's Hungarian Embassy , as well as TIKA dedicated efforts acknowledge that , within a short time Idris Baba Tomb of the repair will start gave the good news .
TICA Hungary Representative Pinar Ozcan, tap the name of Idris Your father is right next to the tomb of Idris Baba Cesme , Turkey fountain or passed on , he said. 16th century or 17th century, right at the beginning that this estimated Ottoman fountain in 1 month all restored transaction is finished , TIKA in Pecs will make a wide range of projects Idris Baba Tomb restoration that soon this project will begin hoped announced.

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