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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 17:31

In Kadikoy'1st World War 100th Anniversary Symposium \"

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Held in Kadikoy'1st World War 100th Anniversary Symposium \"which results in the drop of the war were evaluated by experts.

İstanbul news: Photo Kadıköy Municipality, Literature and History of Art Library ( tesa ) 1st year of the 100th anniversary of World War II due to the'1st World War 100th Anniversary Symposium \"was organized by the . The symposium , retired Ambassador Sukru Elekdağ, Prof. Bilsay Kuruç , Prof. Cezmi Eraslan, Prof. Dr. Selçuk Esenbel , Professor Sukru Sina Gurel , Assoc. Sevtap Smith, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ali Sadan, Prof. Dr. Serhat Guvench and researchers Cahit joined KAYRA . Photo Symposium at the 1st world War, changing fortunes , borders , ideologies and blocks the reflections of academics, experts explained . Prof. Dr stating that play Germany's major role in the Photo Battle . Bilsay Kuruç , \"1870-1914 could not be world peace with a peace project for the transition to a new era. Transition to a new era was the world war . War and peace in the world for future designs occured together. Becoming increasingly subject to political power to force . War revealed that Germany's early modern project. The most important project was a development project in Germany's dominance in Europe . This project was short and the country will want to continue to perform without material loss of a war. But they wanted did not they want a short war , but came quite a long battlefield , \"he said . In a Photo Symposium \"1st leftovers from World War II \",\"case of the Ottoman Empire impartial encountered during post World War geopolitical situation \", \"Cyprus in the 1st world War ,\"\"Without the 1st world War, theOttoman chose the side of the 1st world War ?\", \"1st world War, the British policy\", \"1st world War Ottoman and Japan Relations \", \"Sea Arms Race and the effects of world War 1 \"and\"questioning the War Cabinet \"were tabled.

In Kadikoy'1st World War 100th Anniversary Symposium \"" comments for.


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