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In Kardemir Bayramlaşma

In Kardemir Bayramlaşma
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Karabük Iron and Steel Works ( KARDEMİR ) Inc.

Karabük news: Vice Chairman Kamil Gülec and general manager Fadil Demirel AK Party Karabük deputy Osman Kahveci an hour ride 500 workers one by one, shaking hands bayramlaştı .
KARDEMİR Mill Square every feast the holy ceremony , the AK Party Karabük deputy Osman Kahveci , KARDEMİR Vice Chairman Kamil distress, and general manager Fadil Demirel , Deputy General Manager , Part chiefs and Steel-workers'Union General Secretary of Education Minister Recep Akyel , Istanbul Branch President sublime Üngör and union leaders with the KARDEMİR workers participated. Acting Chairman Gülec and General Manager Demirel 4-12 shift for the buses KARDEMİR Mill Square, the workers and the 8-4 shift, leaving about a thousand around 500 workers one by one shook hands .
Bayramlaşma In addition to workers 40 pounds of chocolate treats made ​​to the learned.

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