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  • 26 Ekim 2014, Pazar 16:51

In Kastamonu \"My brother Panel \"was held

In Kastamonu \
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Municipality of Kastamonu Kastamonu Bedia Treatise by the Academy of Education and Culture Foundation \"Kastamonu brother Panel \"was held .

Kastamonu news: Photo Kastamonu panel held at the Adult Education Centre , Mayor Tahsin father , Kastamonu University Rector Dr. Aydin Sayyed , Said Nursi followers of Suleyman Demirel University Faculty Professor Dr. Himmat fly, Treatise Academy Founder Member Dr. Ismail Belene , researcher and author joined the Küllüoğl Rafet with Ihsan Atasoy . Photo Kastamonu University Prof. Dr. Şahmurat Arik's Speaking at a panel chaired Kastamonu Mayor Tahsin father , \"Saints Land of Martyrs resort did you remotely close came to honor our Kastamonu. We are happy for the organization of such a panel. Illuminating the world with regulated because it is in Kastamonu Anatolian brother panel very satisfied and I am fortunate . Hadith Sheriff \"the scholars are the heirs of the prophets \"Genuine Islamic Scholars , Resullah have reached today by plugging together the Islam of light they receive as heirs of our Lord . to illuminate our afterlife tried adding the day and night for the benefit of us in this light , folded to many problems have spread in the town they found that light . after completing a portion remained in a while where guests and the duty to have migrated to the afterlife by death leave here and elsewhere.commiserating with the suffering of people wherever they found an affinity tag them taught , they do paternity and older brother . these great people from Shaykh Shabani Parents, Benli Sultan , commentators Alaeddin Ahmet black , Ahmet Hijab is like many saints graves in and around our city . Recently, Bediuzzaman Said Nursi also whether if they are resident in the neighborhood of 7 years in our city Ho , telling the people to believe in the demand of thousands of trained and dedicated it here. We also ancestors of us to guarantee the young generation of our future as this is a very precious people telling , we must teach and we must work this way , \"he said . As a speaker Photo Panel participated in Kastamonu is the Bedia Education Culture Foundation Board Member Orhan Salceda , Kastamonu place unless hands to touch the Nur students and said, \"a place of Isparta Nur science centers . Each year visiting students here nur around 500 thousand but not from here . They claim that this is not the only culprit. We here in the guilty. Not be able to promote not tell . Not enough to stay in the mansion . In our municipality, our administration is a very nice stuff. Hopefully things will be very nice . Spring comes to places . Some places now come to an early some places. Likewise bloom everywhere, some places open late in some early flowers everywhere he found opportunity . Each blooming flower can be seen. The open top of the mountain flower is not seen by anyone. This city is radiant city. Nobody unfruitful soil seed hair . Our master seed has come to absurd here . Hopefully , these seeds sprout they , \"he said . Also
Treatise Academy Founding Member Dr. Ismail Speck, in Kastamonu \"Said Nursi Days \"by expressing the name they wanted to do a symposium , said:\"The whole Kastamonu Risale-i Nur environment. All groups like master . God loves everyone who likes to Said Nursi and his students . Said Nursi has a lot to say to mankind. In this respect is sufficiently Kastamonu an unknown city. We give the Academy the following words:all the bureaucracy on one side , with one side in a professional manner in all our professional team and we will not let a separate program for each older brother . Let this serve as a message to give to the world of Kastamonu . Master has made many services here and witnessed many things in Kastamonu \"Photo Turkey in the spring of living that said Dr. Ismail Speck, said:\"At this point I taçlandıral spring of Kastamonu. Just as we opened the door to academic and professional knowledge labor negotiations. We are not a party to anything. The only down side via text in Treatise . Today, Isparta from Kastamonu Kastamonu Addendum to humanity and the world of life is faith written text. Social is a faith in the text of life \"
Moreover, the panel , Said Nursi's disciples Abdulkadir Badilli , Süleyman Demirel University, Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Himmat Bits and Researcher, Writer joined as Rafet Küllüoğl of the speakers with Ihsan Atasoy . The panel at the end of a plaque to the participants was presented .


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