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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 12:40

In Kumluca \"Interview of the Month \"What Happened Ali Tezel guests

In Kumluca \
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Sandy and sandy Municipal Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( KUTSO ) jointly organized the event in an interview last month from the date the application of social security law issues were discussed and bags .

Antalya news:
Kumluca Council meeting held in interviews Mayor Husain Cetinkaya, Garrison Commander of the Gendarmerie Captain Gürcan Lightning, Police Chief Hussein gray , sandy by the Trade and Industry Chamber Chairman Murat H. Günther, circle chiefs, political party county chairmen , non-governmental organization representatives and many citizens followed.
Social Security Experts Ali Tezel , in an interview last issued bags by law taxes to the state , bag-Kur and Social Security , who owes amnesty to the configuration contract workers severance pay, güdelik employees such as insurance, many opportunities are presented said. Law 1.3 million people, Bag-Kur debit configuration given the opportunity stated that the Tezel , \"a Turkish citizen who lost abroad, they work for a period of borrowing and income to determine who could not get the universal health insurance into force from the date within six months of detection to contact if the primary debt interest-free configuration in front of opened. new law premium debts that belong to the default interest to the amnesty and installment arrived . 2,014 before April SSI premium debts , fines debt, Bag-Kur debt and general health insurance liability , which in December until the end of the applicant , provided that the first installments in January provided they pay the applicant will be able to and 18 equal installments in 36 months pay back the debt facility will have , \"he said .
Military borrowing , which will also stimulate Tezel , especially the first soldier to and after military service of any social security, the military borrowing retirement ages a year ahead will attract strong military debt should do , he said.
birth borrowing the military debt as the women some advantages that emphasizes Tezel , prior to 2000, for a period of military service and delivery borrowing will do the minimum produce borrow funds to make themselves better in terms would be reported.
Interview eventually citizens answered the questions of Ali Tezel some questions later by responding to citizens the message said.
end of the program Tezel Kumluca Mayor Husain Cetinkaya , porcelain tea set, Title Source Commerce and Industry Chamber ( KUTSO ) Chairman Murat H. Gunay also grown in the region of citrus fruits in the fruit basket was a gift.


In Kumluca \"Interview of the Month \"What Happened Ali Tezel guests" comments for.


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