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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 16:26

In MEUI'Social Media and Participatory Democracy'Panel

In MEUI'Social Media and Participatory Democracy'Panel
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Mersin University Sociology Sociology held 6'ncısı this year by Community Days,'Social Media and Participatory Democracy'titles were collected.

Mersin news: Mersin University Sociology Sociology held 6'ncısı this year by Community Days,'Social Media and Participatory Democracy'titles were collected. Prof.
. Dr. . Uğur Oral event will take place at the Cultural Center was inaugurated . Head of Community Abdulvahap Sword and Head of the Faculty of Science , Department of Sociology . Dr. . Bu Azman started with the opening speech at the event , Sociology , which was done between 2011-2014 in community activities was shared with the participants about the image , and then passed to the inaugural conference . Conference faculty member Professor of the Faculty of Science . Dr. . I gave Erje live . In his speech to the effects of social media and social movements Prof. discussing issues . Dr. . Erje , social media and participatory democracy effective in choosing the title of the event and talked to applications . Turkey and the world from representative democracy to participatory democracy Erje who experienced a conversion right , this situation has adopted, and the politics of representative democracy which is founded on it cuts off , he said . In the context of democracy and freedom of the media that you need to defend Erje , social media offer opportunities for it voiced . Nowadays in the field of social movements Erje who mentioned the existence of a diversified , it plays an important role in the change of social media that drew attention . Social media ought to know to understand the technology , from social media without the technology says it is not possible to speak my Erje , with evolving technology people interact in a virtual environment consisting of an area that they expressed. Erje , I present these relationships us changing , develop, learn and political attitudes on our effective ones have a structure and 21st century society in shaping social media play a decisive role , he said.
Traditional media and social media on the difference between the Referring Erje I , traditional media , containing one-way message to the recipient from the publisher , politicians and which relate to capital structure , he said . Erje , social media, traditional media is that it has the opposite characteristics to the user , as soon as news reaches , news creation, routing him the chance to make comments and acquaintances said. Erje , social media is not mass media is an individual , this aspect has the potential freedom of the participants said that in terms of democracy . Social media , including new media, traditional media, convert and limit the impact that the transfer Erje I , newspaper circulation decline in prove it , he said.
Erjem after the speech participants question and by the opinion of the conference contributions were present. Days of Sociology at the two-day'Civil Society, Media and Democracy','Election , Democracy and Legitimacy \"of all participants will take place with a panel entitled'Social Media , Youth and Democracy'forum will be held .

In MEUI'Social Media and Participatory Democracy'Panel" comments for.


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