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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 09:58

In October 466 Consumer Problems Solved

In October 466 Consumer Problems Solved
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Intellectuals in Commerce City last October in studies of consumer issues have been resolved by the Directorate 466 was specified.

Aydın news: Photo Aydın Ticaret no 4077 in accordance with Law on Consumer Protection that gets consumer complaints to the Provincial Directorate and based on this Law Department of Commerce issued regulations , communiqués and circulars trying to finalize as soon as possible by examining the line . Population of record of the consumer in the registration system if it is determined that no other state or province to consumer complaints about provincial directorate or district ettirilerek transferred to the office of the governor , is provided finalizing the relevant Consumer Issues Ground Jury. The number of consumer complaints made to the Provincial Directorate in October I spent in Photo Aydin 76 amounted to pieces. 63 of these complaints range of banking services , 6 mobile phone including 12 defective goods and services , 2 motor vehicle and one each electric bike, timeshare , triple built-in set and the insurance issues , whereas a 1 complaint distance selling contract took place on . 1 consumer complaint was sent to the tubis system records other Provincial and District arbitral tribunal Presidential Board. Photo Consumer Issues Provincial arbitral tribunal Presidency , especially in October, in October 13, 2014 October 27 2014 was held two meetings. In these meetings 8's the consumer's favor, and 2 were taken against the consumer and 10 of the decision of a total of 466 pieces of provincial arbitral tribunal , including the 446 jurisdiction with expertise appointment . When executed from Photo Trade Provincial Directorate of Market Surveillance in the work Germencik No. 6502 dated within the boundaries of the scope of the Law on Consumer Protection Aydın-İzmir control over 18 items in 6 work was done on the highway.

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