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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 10:54

In Tavsanli 'The Departed' Debate

In Tavsanli 'The Departed' Debate
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Tavşanlı in the district of Kütahya, prepared Çukurköylü Education Culture and Solidarity Association was inaugurated.

Kütahya news: Tavşanlı in the district of Kütahya, prepared Çukurköylü Education Culture and Solidarity Association was inaugurated. Fevzi at the ceremony, president of the association of Altun and Mustafa Güler's"The Departed"drew attention focused bickering. Altun's"The Departed, Mustafa köstebeklig here did not reflect"he said, Mustafa Güler Fevzi Altun's 2004 mayoral candidates in recalling that"the subjects of social structure, rather than o 'days today the political have an understanding."Said
Çukurköylü the The opening ceremony of Education, Culture and Solidarity Association, politics, business and sports community brought together. Çukurköy in the neighborhood at the ceremony held in Muharram due to being prepared puddings are also citizens were distributed.
Speaking during the ceremony Association Fevzi Altun, the objectives in the social field society emphasizes the importance of all values ​​on the activities execute is noted. Education and culture in the field of work, as well as youths within the boundaries of the cemetery, parks, picnic areas, agriculture and agricultural land protection, chickpeas, such as local products in the promotion activities carried out indicating that they Fevzi Altun, politically taken some decisions also criticized. In 2009 the municipal closing criticized Altun"We whilst the village headman our outdoor greed thanks to the different services were able to get. Municipalities were still our difference emerged. Nazmi Yellow and Hasan Hüseyin from sheep God bless you,"he said
Chairman of the Association Fevzi Altun, these names moment after Tavşanlı said after the studies conducted in the Municipality h IL criticized the performance. Altun, Mustafa Guler in Tavsanli Mole Mustafa referred to as stating"Mustafa Güler's work in Tavsanli taktirl met by. President's nicknamed Mole Mustafa, but köstebeklig the Çukurköy hardly did not reflect. We service we are used to these associations have established and hence activity of our our people to serve we thought,"said
Fevzi Altun, Çukurköy wedding hall meetings held in the wake of the neighborhood to be done services identified would, and then the political party presidential candidate talking to a kind of vote at bargain said they would.
made this speech after the podium from Tavşanlı Mayor Mustafa Güler Fevzi Altun, in 2004 local elections the AK Party candidate for mayor candidate Recalling that the association established a social structure, rather than 2004 yılnda today reflected siyasib structure have said. Mustafa Güler stated that"in 2004 the number of presidential candidate of the candidate was. Troubles other presidents as Çukurköy what you can do master. However presidency Hasan Hüseyin evening our grant had been. Those days to today from the thoughts of an association established political opinion regardless to chair the dignity and pride,"he said
President Gul the mole in the case of the discomfort expressed that"God sometimes people work in exchange for such adjectives inflicted. Çukurköy in our mosque and our club Duky together with've included. Chickpeas industry rapid development across the economy weakened. pavements invert to have a place we can not. 3 years in any environment as I said, chickpeas issue of placing importance on strengthening the economy should. Next year Allah granted if the work we do after the 10 pounds of the land over 50 pounds will be. one time Moymul under the land how valued if here will be happening. During that period Moymul the people that return değerlendiremedi. You can evaluate,"said
Chairman Guler, Çukurköylü some of the recommendations also bulunarak achievement of tangible assets weddings, house, car races like that became elements expended not to future generations and asked to be transferred.
the speeches after the prayers accompanied by the association's inauguration made prepared aşuer they were distributed to citizens.

In Tavsanli 'The Departed' Debate" comments for.


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