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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 18:58

In the case of February 28, Demirel asked to be heard as a witness

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February 28 process, for allegedly attempting to overthrow the government completed the first hearing of the case against 103 people.

Ankara 13 Heavy Penal Court in the present case, the identification of the defendants over operations. Will continue without interruption until September 6 case, the complainant's lawyers demanded that the President Süleyman Demirel, a witness.

Prosecutor Kemal Çetin Opinion investigation filed by the former Minister Hasan Celal Guzel, the Ankara State Court decision not to prosecute is executed effective security that he was an effective investigation by the Attorney General.

Code of Criminal Procedure in force (CCP) is breaking down barriers about the investigation Cetin, 28 S. are reminded that a criminal complaint in February to investigate the hundreds. CMK 173 article applied only to the criminal complaint voicing Cetin Guzel, 13 in Istanbul on 07.19.2013 Criminal investigation by maintaining Mehkemesi given by the defendants' lawyers demand on the rejection of the decision is correct and wanted.

Chief of General Staff Ismail Hakki period Karadayı 'Cumhruiyeti Government of Turkey and the duty to see to eliminate partially or completely block' attempt and the Supreme Court pointed out that if the crime falls within the remit of this task is emphasized.

lawyers for the defendant objected to the prosecutor Çetin mütalaasının. Koksal Tayyar, President of the Court hearing, saying the lawyers took a break to listen to the demands tomorrow.

hearing tomorrow, at 10.00 hours will resume. 28 S. February is expected to read the indictment.

In the case of February 28, Demirel asked to be heard as a witness" comments for.


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