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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 15:28

In the first study with Hakan Kutlu Jewelry

In the first study with Hakan Kutlu Jewelry
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PTT 1 League teams Gaziantep Metropolitan Belediyespor'un brought to the coach Hakan Kutlu , made ​​his first work with the team.

Gaziantep news: Photo of Plant GAS prepared to Orduspor Gaziantep Metropolitan FC match , the new coach will be ready to win the match on Monday with Hakan Kutlu . Rust in training started with warm-up movements and tactical variation and adaptation studies were carried out . Players'coach Hakan Kutlu the score that appears to be willing , often talking trying to motivate to prepare players Orduspor to match . Photo Set of the first training of the coach Hakan Kutlu beginning , Gaziantep is expressed as a team built to play the Metropolitan Belediyespor'un target \"First of Gaziantep Metropolitan established to play goal and a number of my project's product. Both the administration are very important people supporting both the outside. established a good squad but could not be obtained because the desired results, unfortunately from a variety of misfortune . Appointed to the quality of both squads to us when he was offered to put both looking at projects created this year for the team we thought it was a team that was convenient for us and of course the primary goal of our team is among the league's top six teams remove through this unsettled environment. then he can catch the first two in the first six . our first aim But as I said between the first team to enter the league because we have to put realistic goals . We must convince our players in it. I saw them outside group of players believe that the two-day performance. Hopefully, starting with this week's match Orduspor Gaziantep Metropolitan Belediyespor'u per season, put the goal, it would have been delivered to the project , \"he said . Photo workout cool down after the movement ended .

In the first study with Hakan Kutlu Jewelry" comments for.


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