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  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 16:25

In the host'Basmane Days'Enthusiastic Start

In the host'Basmane Days'Enthusiastic Start
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Konak Municipality of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and Environment jointly organized the 4th Edition of the History, Culture, Art and Archeology Days began.

İzmir news: October 25 until the part of the events historic district many exhibitions , panel discussions and workshops hosted the will .
İzmir's historic district Basmane's history sheds light on the sites of days will face 4.Print and Environment , History, Culture Art and Archaeology Days of Ontario showed intense involvement began with great ceremony . Agora Excavations of thousands gathered in front of the house in Izmir , the opening ceremony will be held in the presence of the Roma Band Basmane walked into the Church of Agios Voukolos . Izmir Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu the Konak Mayor Sema Pekdaş representing Vice President Nükhet Akyildiz , led by the giant procession during the transition surrounding tradesmen and citizens also applauds the enthusiasm was common.
the form of a mini tour while walking Basmane Basmane Days presented to art lovers as part of the opening of the exhibition was also held . Siniora Synagogue, Manisa Akhisar Hotels , Old Turkish House, Emir Sultan Tomb, The Women's Museum Basmane District Centre , Old Police hotel, Altinpark coffeehouse and History Basmane Station as the historic district of the many important places established in the exhibition opening of the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu and the accompanying delegation made together. Exhibition owners were also given a plaque and a certificate of participation .
FOCUS basmane
as in walking procession held in the church of Agios Voukolos opening ceremony was intense interest of the citizens . Restoration of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality as a cultural center built into service before the date of the ceremony in the church about the history of Izmir 8 thousand 500 years \"from Smyrna Izmir 8500 Step \"was staged his play . Show great appreciation of the audience, the theater was applauded for a long time . Host the opening ceremony speech, Councillor and Deputy Chairman Nüket Akyildiz, Konak Municipality yaşatılarak work to protect the historical assets , he said. Basmane's almost an open-air museum that expressed Akyildiz, \"The Press and the environment of the yaşatılarak protection and our city's international promotion focal point for being one of the all Izmir importance for creating \"he said.
KOCAOĞLU: our history are going with
Izmir Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu in his speech emphasized the importance of Basmane days of the date that they are a local government which has underlined . Kocaoglu, \"Basmane days with increasing awareness of the people of the world would like to draw attention here . Sense of history in this town that will emerge from such activities . Izmir with its power to achieve it ,\"he said . Enthusiastic procession march began with the opening events with a cocktail lasted .
all the İzmir INVITED
fourth time this year held Basmane Days as part of the historic district at different points in a week long exhibition , panels, discussions and workshops to be done. Important historians , writers, journalists, observers and academics city would be guests of the refugee problem in Basmane archaeological excavations , tourism, urban renewal is not far, only Basmane , Izmir is also closely related to many issues will be discussed . Event will last until October 25 who wish to attend will be able to get information from the official website of the Municipality of Konak .


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